Best Evite Alternatives – Sites like Evite

If you’re loking for Evite alternatives or websites like Evite, you’re at the right place. We’ve compiled a list of 10 sites similar to Evite yolu can have a look at.

Evite is a Web site for online invitations and was introduced in 1998. It is a free advertising service. It has a simple interface to create a website invitation. The host only has to enter prospective guests ‘email address’ and Evite sends out invitations to the guests. This is one of the best online card creation services for creativity.

Not only does Evite provide and build forums for the talented to unleash their innovative talents, but also has the framework for generating ideas for groups.In general, this online invitation is called ‘Evite.’The process of sending invitations has been much easier than before.

Benefits of Evite

Among the advantages of using Evite is that it is a free social planning platform that can be commonly used by individuals to send invitations to an individual or a group of people. It has a user-friendly interface that makes it super easy to use. It uses a very simple method for forwarding the invitation messages by placing the email addresses needed for the invitees and providing answers to four specific categories, i.e. attending, not attending, maybe or not yet responding.

sites like evite

One of the advantages of hosting the event is that the money earned during the invitation process could be tracked if the fee is charged for that event. This also issues reminders to notify invitees to the event before it starts, and when designing the perfect invitation, the host requirements of invitation design are keenly taken into account. This also has an option to inform the invitees regarding the changes in the event if any.

10 Best Evite Alternatives to send invitees online


It is an online card maker website that offers the designers the freedom to create a professional invitation by using creative software. Anyvite not only provides the tools for creating and using all forms of invitation cards, but also gives its users the ability to exchange invitation cards with friends.

  1. Celebrations

Celebrations is an online site from which you can find the tools and ideas for making invitation cards. Guests may be invited and the design may be used for events such as a birthday or the wedding. You can select and easily build the respective template according to your needs. On a single page you can find all the steps and settings.

  1. PSPrint

  2. evite alternatives

It’s the place for the online design market. It gives you customizable invitation templates and e-cards. If in case, you’re in a hurry to send your favorite party invitation card, then PsPrint is the best platform for this purpose. It will find you get the classy and highly decorated invitation card templates.

  1. PINGG

Pingg is an online site for e-cards and invitation-makers. It falls within the category of those unique types of online services that offer it to users with a variety of ideas such as party ideas system etc. To make your day special you should explore ideas for exclusive and trendy events. It is the leading invitation site.


Like other Evite alternatives Hobnob is a purely app-based invitation service, moving away from the desktop-based site. Invitations are sent via a text message to those who do not have the software on their mobile, and invitations can also RSVP with email.

The program is very intuitive, in which you can create customized videos that you can send to your guests. It’s a perfect place to simplify communication and to share images after the case. You can also create communities to connect with your community in a private forum besides having a typical event.


It is a forum where people connect either socially or in terms of business. Because of the vast number of users, Facebook is one of the best channels to advertise a public or private event and catch the attention of the public. This makes it a strong platform for online invitation compared to the others, from its attractive functionality to the services provided in the Facebook Options.

You may also join a party on Facebook. You must build a new event from your Facebook account to do this. Then you will complete all the details and select your buddies for the session.You may also invite them publicly and privately on Facebook. All guests are notified immediately by a note. The host and guests may also address the event by posting on the wall.

This is the most desired online invitation website because of its functionality because many people find the event on their news feeds and you have the ability to share it on their news feed. With the explanations given and individual invitations choices, one can attract the attention of the appropriate audience and be able to handle the event efficiently when it comes to event discussions and editing of event information.


Smilebox is a very special invitation program, as it allows the user to add music and animations to the cards. Collages and slideshows can be created too. Smilebox gives the client a special experience in sending invitations that can’t be found on many other websites.

To maximize the experience it is packed with a range of formats, themes, and styles. One of the helpful features that come with Smilebox is that messages can also be sent via given email addresses and a scheduling feature sent to help you know about an event. The invitations can be posted on Facebook and sent via email.


Paperless Post provides a variety of designs. You can pick a template, and enter the text as appropriate. You may customize the invitations in its customizable designs provided to match your desired needs.

You will see the guests ‘RSVP Status. The free edition allows you to invite up to 500 guests, while you can invite up to 15,000 guests in the paid version. They also allow for the rescheduling or canceling of an event. There’s also an opportunity to track invitees and connect with the RSVP through the opportunity of a private message and public comments shared. This also allows the photo gallery to display images of the event.


It provides a rich package that can be modified in your way and is easy to submit requests directly to loved ones. The deal is accessible for various activities with various welcome cards. It also allows you to add music, area (through Google map), sports, and photos. It’s a paid service at the time of making and sending; from its official website you can check their enrolment package. Giving you the ability to send RSVP and easily visible, and by collecting them, it also helps you to give a single welcome to a party.


This website is a specially crafted website for wedding invites, gift guides and for sending it to your friends, love and family.

It has special collections for everyone that you can invite and share with clothing, home accessories, stationery and important party pieces that can also be used.


Whatever you select, these online sites are easy to tailor to suit the needs of your gathering. You can easily submit personalized invites to your loved ones using the above Evite alternatives. They are to make your job more structured and less complicated.

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