8 Best Manga Reader Apps for iOS and Android

In this post, we will have a look at the list of the best manga reader apps. There was a time when liking anime and mangas used to make you a “nerd”. But times have changed, and for the good.

You don’t have to feel like an outsider just for liking an anime or a manga. Both have become a mainstream part of global pop culture.

Best Manga Reader Apps – Top 8

Whether you’re one of those who grew up on “Naruto” and “Dragon Ball Z” or a newcomer, while anime adaptations are usually equally good, many prefer their original sources; the mangas.

If you are one of those, here are some of the best manga reader apps to make reading easier.


INKR is one of the most well-known and most downloaded apps across Android and Apple stores regarding mangas. The application is home to over a thousand different titles. It doesn’t just include mangas but manhwas and comic books as well.

From your favorite isekais to bone-chilling horrors, you can find everything on INKR. Another key feature of INKR is its immersive reader, significantly enhancing your reading experience. 

You can download INKR for free, but there are various in-app purchases and mangas that you can buy. 

2. Crunchyroll Manga

If you are into mangas or animes, you must be familiar with Crunchyroll. It is one of the most prominent anime streaming websites in the world, but Crunchyroll isn’t just limited to animes.

best manga reader apps

You can find thousands of popular and amazing mangas to read on it as well. From classics to the latest releases, this app has them all. You can find the app on the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store for free. 

3. Manga Plus

Manga Plus is a manga reading platform developed by Shueisha, one of the world’s leading manga publishing companies. You can find all the latest and the most popular mangas on this application to read on demand.

It includes names like Naruto, Bleach, One Piece, Dragon Ball Z, Dr. Stone, and many more. Manga Plus uploads new chapters of ongoing mangas immediately, right when they are released in Japan. 

Manga Plus also acts as a social network for manga lovers. You can leave comments, join communities, and even message your favorite creators. Manga Plus is available for free download on all platforms, but there are multiple in-app purchases.

4. ComiXology

ComiXology is a digital comic distribution platform owned by Amazon. Through it, Amazon distributes all of the comics it has rights to. As of today, ComiXology has a collection of over 230K comics and mangas from publishers like Marvel, DC, VIZ, Kodansha, Dark Horse, and more.

It can act like an all-in-one solution for those who also love western comics, as it also has titles like The Walking Dead, The Boys, Invincible, etc. 

As for mangas, you can read Attack on Titan, Cells At Work, Demon Slayer, and more well-known titles. ComiXology comes with a 30-day free trial, following which you must pay for a subscription.  

Overall, it is one of the best manga reader apps for the fans of not just mangas but all novels and comics.

5. VIZ Manga

VIZ is one of the biggest publishers of mangas in the USA. They have a digital library of thousands of mangas and graphic novels that you can access through VIZ Manga. The app updates its catalog regularly with all the latest releases.

You can read the latest chapters of your favorite mangas right when they come out. VIZ Manga also lets you download chapters and mangas that you can read offline later. 

VIZ Manga offers thousands of chapters for free, but you need a subscription to access the full library. 

6. MangaToon

MangaToon is one of the best manga reader apps if you are looking for a free source of your favorite mangas. This app is ultra-popular across both Android and Apple, having over ten million downloads on the Google Play Store alone. 

MangaToon offers not just mangas but Korean webtoons, manhuas, manhwas, and more. All of them are updated on a weekly and even daily basis. You can also upload your own stories to MangaToon. If your story gets enough popularity, the platform promises to publish it as a comic. 

You can download this app for free on both the Play Store and the App Store. You can buy in-app coins to purchase manga chapters that are not available for free. 

7. Manga Storm CBR

Manga Storm CBR is perfect if you only want a manga-reading app that can load existing comic files. This app does not have a library but allows you to access comic files stored on the cloud or your local storage.

Manga Storm CBR has many reading features, however, that make your experience more fun and convenient. This app is exclusive to iOS devices and can be downloaded for free from the Apple App Store. 

8. WebComics

WebComics is the hub of all comics, mangas, and webtoons you want to read. You can find most of the popular manga titles here. The platform has deals with many mainstream creators from all over the world. WebComics brings you all the genres and niches of mangas all in one place. 

Having WebComics is like owning a little anime library of your own. Their catalog is impressive, and you need nothing more than the app to access it. WebComics is free on both the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. 

You can read your favorite mangas online with WebComics, but the app also allows you to download your favorite stories that you can read offline anytime, anywhere. 


Mangas are incredibly fun and one of the most entertaining art forms. However, buying and organizing a whole library of mangas might not be manageable and affordable for everyone. After all, true fans wouldn’t be satisfied with just one or two mangas.

Manga reading apps are the perfect solution to that problem. You can download or read thousands of mangas online with the apps mentioned here. Whether you use an Android or an iPhone, these are some of the best manga reader apps you will find online. 

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