75 Easy Things to Draw that are Cool, Fun, and Creative

Are you looking for some easy things to draw? Well, we have got you covered. In this post, we have listed 75 things to draw for beginners that are fun and easy.

We all get bored at some point in time to the extent that we can think of nothing to do. Well, during this situation, it wouldn’t hurt to be a bit creative. As Pablo Picasso once said, “The artist is a receptacle for emotions that come from all over the place: from the sky, from the earth, from a scrap of paper, from a passing shape, from a spider’s web.

There’s so much you can draw with a little effort so what’s your excuse to not do it? So, I came up with a list of drawings that you can easily draw when you are bored, ranging from simple shapes to slightly complex things like minions.

What better way can you utilize the time you’d have rather given up to boredom? Perhaps, doodling around your notebook might actually turn out to be fun.

75 Easy Things to Draw for Everyone

In this post, we have covered 75 Things that are cool and fun to draw for almost everyone. Here is the full list of easy and fun things to draw:


easy things to draw

Mountains are something we all seem to love because they never cease to amaze us. It’s very easy to draw mountains as a beginner since its mostly just triangles.

2. Phone.

What would you be without your phone? We can’t imagine our lives without it, why not give it a try?

3. Heart.

A heart is definitely among the list of easy things to draw for beginners. It’s a shape that everyone is familiar with.

4. Food.

Perhaps you could try drawing your favorite food, after all, isn’t that what you sometimes crave when you are bored? 

5. Eyeglasses.

They look just as stylish on paper as much as they look on you. And it should definitely be on your list of cool things to draw.

6. Flowers.

Flowers are beautiful yet easy to draw and you can even color them once you are done drawing them.

7. Minion

Okay, I admit it’s not that easy to draw but I assure you its worth it. I mean why wouldn’t you want to draw these cute little things?

8. Abstract Shapes!.

Who hasn’t drawn shapes on the back of their notebooks as a kid? There’s something oddly satisfying about it.

9. Leaves

Leaves are very delicate and can turn out to be surprisingly beautiful. Perhaps you’d love drawing them if you are bored.

10. Puzzle Piece.

We all have played with these at some point, there’s something satisfying about assembling these oddly shaped pieces. It’s perfect if you have been looking for cool things to draw.

11. Knife.

A flat piece of metal that can cut almost anything in half.

12. Train Tracks.

This is one of the things everyone looking for fun things to draw should check out.

13. Moon & Stars.

If you are not familiar with drawing then you might want to try this one out. It’s an easy one to draw.

14. Waves.

You don’t need to get into a lot of details, its just a bunch of curves. Pretty simple, right?

15. Lamp.

A lamp definitely makes it to the list of cool things to draw for beginners. It may not be as easy as other things on this list but it’s definitely worth trying.

16. A volcanic island.

A volcanic island is another fun thing to draw. You can color it according to you and depending on that make it look as realistic as you can.

17. Candles.

Candles are easy, cool and fun to draw. All you have to do is put in some time and do the proper coloring.

18. Playing cards.

These small sheets of papers have various designs embedded on them, why not give it a try? It’s not the easiest thing to do but definitely among one of the most fun things to draw.

19. Balloons.

Every kid enjoys playing with these. This is what you should be drawing if you are looking for easy things to draw for kids.

20. Campfires.

These flames give travelers a sense of security and warmth.

21. Clocks.

Don’t you love the sound of its ticking? Well, then it’s time!.

22. Pyramids.

It takes no more than a few triangles to form a pyramid. It’s relatively easy to draw, and a perfect option if you happen to be looking for things to draw for beginners.

23. Cookies.

These sweet baked biscuits that everyone wants to devour definitely deserve a place on your drawing sheet. After all its one of the most fun things to draw.

24. The Sun.

The warmth and the light it provides us keeps us all alive.

25. UFOs.

These mysterious objects sure get a lot of attention. UFOs are really easy to draw and they look really good when drawn well.

26. Doors

Drawing a door only involves drawing some polygons and lines, step by step. It’s a good start if you are looking for easy things to draw step by step.

27. Skull.

Scary, isn’t it? A skull is one of the most popular things that everyone can draw with ease. It’s among really cool things to draw when you’re bored.

28. Donuts.

Donuts are delicious and guess what else are they? Easy to draw and fun for everyone.

29. Coat hanger.

A coat hanger is a necessary equipment and also really easy to draw for beginners and everyone who is getting started. Kids can draw it with ease as it’s basically a triangle with a question mark on the top.

30. Eye.

It can be really fun to draw an eye, it just takes a few strokes and the result is really beautiful. However, with practice you can master the art of drawing an eye and gradually, make it look like a real eye.

31. Bones.

Another on our list of easy to draw things are bones. They look cool and you don’t need to put in much effort to draw them.

32. Stick figures.

It requires very minimal effort to draw and is ideal for beginners. You can even make comic strips out of these!

33. Shading things

Shading is more than drawing and if you practice Shading, you can draw some really cool things.

34. Pencil

A Pencil is among the list of really cool things to draw. Think about it, drawing something you draw with.

35. Tornado.

If you’re looking for something that looks cool and is easy to draw for beginners then drawing a Tornado won’t be a bad idea.

36. Wheel.

Just a circle with a few rods, you can draw it with just minimum effort and time. It’s another cool thing to draw.

37. Footprint.

It’s a rather interesting mark we all leave while walking. You can draw footprints when you’re bored.

38. Banana.

It might sound very simple and easy but it’s something even professionals start off their classes with.

39. Turtle.

It’s not the shell that’s a bit tricky to draw, but the limbs and head.

40. Globe.

A good miniature representation of this planet we call home.

41. Bulb.

It’s easy enough to draw one but you could add a filament to make it more detailed.

42. Cricket Bat.

I’d be surprised if you said you are not familiar with cricket. The sense of power a bat gives you while playing is like what a pencil gives to you while drawing.

43. Diamond.

A Diamond is one of the most valuable things in this world. With proper coloring, you can make your hand-drawn diamond really cool and fun.

44. Grapes.

These are pretty similar to balloons and it only requires you to make a few circles.

45. Your favorite pet!

Express your love for your favorite pet on the sheet of paper. After all, he deserves it.

46. A piece of paper.

Yes, you read it right. One must not forget what they unleash their creativity on.

47. A Glass of water.

Don’t you love how beautiful crystal clear water looks in your shiny glass?

48. Vase.

Next on our list of things to draw is a Vase. You can draw it within no time and it would look cool.

49. Socks.

Socks are well, socks and easy to draw. Try drawing them when you’re bored.

50. Apple.

As simple as it might be, it’s the symbol of one of the biggest companies on this planet.

51. Unicorn

It might seem difficult to draw at first but a unicorn is fairly simple to sketch on paper. You just have to make sure that you use all kinds of colours to make it look more exciting. 

52. Bumble Bee 

Have you ever tried drawing a bee yet? You wouldn’t desire to draw something that’s fairly simple and doesn’t excite you at all. This is where you can choose to draw a bumblebee and a good texture of colours to it as per your imagination. 

53. Cactus 

A cactus is fairly simple to draw as well. You can sketch the height of the cactus as per your desires and aim to draw a spine and a thick cuticle. It wouldn’t take you much time to complete it. 

54. Football 

What can get easier than drawing a football? You can make a huge circle and then add a certain layer of textures to it. Keep your football with you while drawing it so that things become even easier. 

55. Mango 

Do you love to taste mangoes? The good part about it is that you can draw it ever so effortlessly as well. Just take a piece of paper and try drawing it for once, you would know what we are talking about. 

56. House 

Drawing a house is considered to be one of the easiest things to draw. The good thing here is that you can focus on more details if you’re improving in your artistic work. 

57. Cake 

When you make an actual cake, it’s considered to be a very tough task at hand. But the same is not the case when you have to draw it. Making it can take your hours but to draw it will take just a couple of minutes. 

58. Christmas Tree 

Doesn’t a Christmas tree make the occasion even more special? If you want to draw it, the task is quite simple for you. It’s like drawing a simple tree with the addition of lighting to it. 

59. TV

When you draw a TV, you can try to add more layers to it. You can try to add the poster or logo of your favorite TV channel or show in the middle of the TV, just to make it more detailed!

60. Door 

Just look at the door of your room and try to analyze things. Would you find it hard to draw a door? Not, just give it a chance for once. 

61. Sofa 

You wouldn’t find it hard to draw a sofa either. You can just check your sofa for once and design it accordingly. If you feel like that would be way too much, draw the below one. 

62. Kangaroo 

You might feel that animals are difficult to make but it is fairly simple to draw a Kangaroo. This animal is quite tall so you have to make sure of it. You should be using yellow for the finishing touches. 

63. Snowman

Is the weather outside really pleasant? If it doesn’t snow in your area and you cannot make a snowman for real, you at least have the opportunity to draw it. It is very simple too.

64. Ice Cream

ice cream

An Ice Cream is quite easy to draw. It definitely had to be in this list of fun things to draw.

65. Shoes 

All these smaller items that can have different shapes and sizes can be easily drawn. It’s your imagination that can take you far in sketching shoes but a simple design of shoes can be made in a quick period.

66. Hand 

You can take your left hand on the paper and design the shape with your right hand. It’s as easy to draw as it seems and you can try to make its features look ever so elegant without much effort. 

67. Starfish 

Do you know how to draw a star? Perfect, it wouldn’t take much time to draw a starfish with the same design. Adding eyes and mouth to the design along with a few other physical characteristics is all that’s required here.

68. Plant 

Drawing a Plant would require you to add a few designs for the borders along with greenery all over. You can try to create a nice texture in the middle of the Plant too, it’s all pretty comfortable. 

69. Lighthouse 

Isn’t it so amazing to see a lighthouse? Making it on a piece of paper is an exhilarating experience as well. As long as you have got a variety of colors available, you can do a lot of stuff here. 

70. Rosebud 

Rosebud is another thing that can be drawn completely within a few minutes. These kinds of things are amazing to look at so when you draw it nicely, you will be proud of yourself for getting it done beautifully. 

71. Rose

Drawing a rosebud wouldn’t be the same as drawing a rose. Both have their beauty and when you’re drawing either of them, you need to know the difference between them. All in all, the design is simple to sketch in your drawing book. 

72. Cartoon Hair

Drawing hair can be quite an interesting task too. If you want to try a new hairstyle, you should like to draw it first and see if it’s going to look on you or not.

73. Carrot 

easy things to draw

As long as you use the right texture of colours here, a carrot would barely take an effort from you. So if you’re having a hard time with life otherwise, designing a carrot can make you feel like an artist of the highest caliber. 

74. Candy 

If you love to eat candies, you would also know the various forms of them. Their wrappers are made a lot differently too so you can come with several designs on your notebook. 

75. Top Hat

cool things to draw

Drawing a top hat is quite easy. You just need to know the shape in which you would like to draw your hat. You need to encounter a couple of steps before the job is done.

Final Words

In this list, we covered some easy and cool things to draw. It can be really helpful for those looking for things to draw when they are bored or just want to expand their skillset.

So, that’s pretty much it. I hope this list of 75 Easy things to Draw will help you to broaden your horizon and get into the wonderful world of art.

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