Best Free Roam Games To Play

Looking for the best free roam games? Here is what we have assembled for you. 

The smartphone boom has changed the way we play games. We’ve moved from playing single-player to multiplayer, from linear games to open-worlds (free roam games), and even from digital games to real-world ones.

While this radical shift in how we play games can be exciting, it also means you can only assume that some games will be fun for some.

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People who like free roam games enjoy the ability to explore a world unhindered by linear gameplay. They can go wherever they want, do whatever they want and meet whoever they want.

Free roam games give you this freedom because no plot or storyline restricts your movements in any way. Instead of being told where to go and when players are left with more control over their destinies than ever before!

What Makes a Game Free Roam?

A game is free-roam when players explore an open world without any rules or limitations set by the developers. In other words, there are no restrictions on where you can go or what you can do in these worlds. This means that players do not have the pressure to do things they don’t want to do, to get further along with their journey through whatever story unfolds at any given moment.

best free roam games

The best free roam games give players total freedom over how they want their character(s) developed since they have complete control over everything from skills & abilities through equipment upgrades. With this, the games become more immersive compared to the normal RPGs, as there is no pressure.

Best Free Roam Games – List

That’s why we’ve gathered up some of our favorite free roam games. They’re easy on your device and your bank account. They don’t require an Internet connection and keep you entertained for hours!


Crackdown is a game that combines the best of open-world action, driving and multiplayer. In this game, you are a super soldier infected with Agent Zero. You must collect all the special abilities to get back home and defeat Agent Zero once and for all!

You can play with up to four players online in this fast-paced shooter. Using your special abilities during gameplay, such as jumping off the buildings. While looking for the best free roam games, this should definitely be on the list.

Assassin’s Creed Origins

Assassin’s Creed Origins is the latest in the Assassin’s Creed series, and it takes place in ancient Egypt. The game features a large map with multiple cities and regions to explore. There are also over 100 side-missions to take on. This provides hours upon hours of gameplay if you want to explore every inch of this huge world.

The story follows Bayek as he arrives at Siwa Oasis. There he meets Cleopatra and her sister Arsinoe (who later becomes his wife), both prisoners of Ptolemy XIII, who has been exiled from Alexandria by his mother, Cleopatra VII. 

A part of the reason to include it in the best free roam games is also that the team of this game has ensured to make the setting as authentic as possible as they have consulted major Egyptologists and historians for the game.


GTA V is a game set in a fictional city called Los Santos. The game was released for PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 in 2013. The player can choose from three different characters to play Michael De Santa, Trevor Philips or Franklin Clinton. Each of them has its unique storyline and gameplay style.

best free roam games

The game has received critical acclaim from critics since its release due to its realistic graphics and large open-world environment with plenty of things to do (including completing missions).

In the world of best free roam games, GTA V arguably takes the top spot in terms of fame. There are endless possibilities to explore in the game.

World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft is an MMORPG developed by Blizzard Entertainment, published by Blizzard and released in 2004. The game takes place in the fantasy world of Azeroth and centres around players’ fight against evil forces. In order to defeat these enemies, players must work together as a group or party within the virtual world.

World of Warcraft has been described as having “no single-player mode”. But this doesn’t mean you can’t play it alone: you can do so with other people through online multiplayer mode! This means there are no restrictions on how many people can play together at once because everyone will have their own account on the same server.

Watch Dogs 1, 2 and Legion

This is the bundle for you if you’re a gamer who enjoys stealth and open-world adventure games. Watch Dogs 1 is one of the best free roam games that features a lot of missions with great gameplay that are challenging but fun to complete. It also has a unique storyline where your character has to protect himself from his friends who want him dead.

Watch Dogs 2 is another good game where your character goes through different missions while looking for his parents, who have been kidnapped by an organization called DedSec.

Finally, we have Watch Dogs Legion, one of the latest games from Ubisoft Montreal Studios. This game puts players in control of Marcus Holloway. He tries to save San Francisco from being taken over by drones controlled by corporations like Blackwater/Aegis, which are trying to take over everything, including people’s lives!

These three make a perfect addition to the list of best free roam games,


Minecraft is a game where you can build anything you want. It’s a creative game where players must think creatively to survive and find their way through Minecraft.

There are different modes for different play styles: survival mode, which requires players to gather resources and craft tools; adventure mode, where players must complete quests; or creative mode, where all logic goes out the window and only imagination matters (and maybe some luck).

best free roam games

Minecraft has an estimated 10 million daily users worldwide who spend hours playing this title alone or with friends online – making it one of the most popular and best free roam games available today!


Subnautica is a survival game that takes place in the setting of an alien ocean. You are on an alien planet alone and have to survive the elements, dangerous wildlife and mutated creatures that inhabit it. It’s a single-player game with no multiplayer options, but there are two modes: Story Mode (the story) or Survival Mode (simply playing until you die).

Subnautica came out in 2018 by Unknown Worlds Entertainment as part of their Aquatica series of games that focus on underwater environments.

Fallout 4

Fallout 4 is a post-apocalyptic role-playing game. It came out for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Microsoft Windows on November 10, 2015. The game takes place in the year 2287, where the player character has to survive without assistance from society or other people.

Honorary Mentions

  • The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker is available on Wii U, 3DS, and Wii.
  • Skyrim: Special Edition (available on PC) has been remastered with higher-resolution textures, better lighting effects, improved character models and more realistic water reflections. It also includes all DLCs released since launch day (including Dawnguard).


We hope you liked the list. You can find lots of best free roam games out there on the internet. Remember to check out a few of them and see if they are worth your time. This list should give you some ideas on where to start looking for free roam games.

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