13 Free Online E-Card Sites For The Best ECards

Even to this day, gift cards remain to be the ultimate gifting option no matter the occasion. But as with most things, gift cards have found their way into the online world in the form of E-cards. And since you don’t end up wasting paper while also being able to design cards as per your liking, they are a great option to give to anyone.

At the moment, there are a plethora of websites on the internet that provide the best free ecards and premium ecards to its users. In this article, we have listed down the 13 best free online e-card sites that you can use right now!

13 Best Free Online E-Card Sites

1. JustWink

Also known as American Greetings, JustWink is the primary choice if you are looking for the best free ecards available right now. Their website contains all conventional designs for birthdays, holidays, etc. Additionally, they also provide their users with unique additions quite frequently.

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If you are someone who tends to forget about the important occasions in your life, JustWink has a scheduling option that allows you to schedule ecards ahead of time. Other than digital cards, this website also provides delivery services of physical cards across the USA. If you wish to use them full-time, they provide memberships at a rate of $19.99/year. Alternatively, you can also get a monthly subscription at $4.99/month.

2. JibJab

Unlike physical cards, ecards are not limited to just graphics on a piece of paper. Thanks to the power of modern-day software, you can add videos, animations, and much more. And JibJab is the one-stop shop to make use of all this modern technology. You can use it to produce free birthday ecards, video cards, animated online gift cards, and various other card types for all occasions imaginable. 

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Users of JibJab can use their videos, photos, and animations on their cards. But if you can’t find anything of your own, the website also has a ton of templates to choose from. And the best part is, most of them are free to use. 

3. Open Me

Sharing gift cards through email and social media websites has become a trend in the past few years. Open Me has caught on to that and has curated its website for that very purpose. Unlike most websites today, it goes with the classic theme of online ecards with a minimum amount of graphics and animations. 

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What makes Open Me one of the best free online E-card websites right now is its user experience. It allows users to schedule gift cards ahead of time. Our most favorite feature on the website, however, is the ability to produce group cards wherein a bunch of people can come together to design one card. This makes it an ideal choice for designing cards for an office colleague or a family member.

4. Ojolie

If classy online gift cards are what you are looking for, Ojolie is a great choice. Started by a husband and wife, the company focuses on providing its users with exclusive hand-painted and animated ecards that can make a significant impact on whoever you give them to. 

ojolie best holiday ecards

Though their collection of the best free ecards is somewhat limited, you do get a lot of options for popular holidays and birthdays. But if you are looking at them as your permanent ecard solution, their annual subscription costs $14 while a 2-year deal goes for $21.

5. Blue Mountain

With so many occasions to celebrate in our lives daily, it can sometimes get hectic to find one platform that covers you throughout the year. However, if you choose one of the best free ecard sites in the form of Blue Mountain, you don’t have to worry one bit. They provide ecards for all the generic occasions such as birthdays, Hanukkah, and Christmas while also giving you the option to create some by yourself. 

blue mountain personalized birthday ecards

All the best free ecards on Blue Mountain are printable and easy to create. Since the website has been up and running for a long time, the amount of options you get is also quite overwhelming. Their monthly plan goes for $4.99/month while customers have to pay $19.99 for an annual package.

6. Kudoboard

While personal gift cards have their place, a group card always holds a tremendous amount of value no matter who you give it to. Kudoboard is a website dedicated exactly to that. All their cards are based on group messages wherein multiple people come together and write their message. 

kudoboard reviews and pricing 2021

The best part about Kudoboard is that their cards aren’t limited to just text and images. You get to add videos and animations to them as well making sure that each stack in the card is unique and worthwhile. On this online ecard site, you get to make a total of 10 best free ecards without any charge. However, if you pay a mere $5.99, you sign-up for a lifetime subscription of unlimited cards.

7. Greetings Island

Scheduling gift cards for all occasions goes a long way but what if you are looking for a quick fix for an occasion that you missed or falls very shortly? Well, you should look no further than Greetings Island. It is one of the best free online ecard sites out there as it offers you to design your card completely from front to back. Furthermore, you also get the option to move around images and messages anywhere within the card’s dimensions. 

greetings islands wedding invitation

Greeting Island allows you to send your ecards as soon as you are done designing them. You get the option to share them via email or through social media websites. Though the website does not allow you to schedule your cards, you can download them as a PDF file to send or print on a later date. 

8. CrossCards

Generic free ecard sites provide you with the option of managing all your occasions throughout the year. However, if you are looking for a specific occasion such as a religious one, you should look for a niche free online e-card site such as CrossCards. 

crosscards best free online ecard sites

As its name suggests, CrossCards is the go-to place if you are looking for the best free ecards for Christian holidays. On top of that, you also get options for other occasions such as birthdays and anniversaries. To send the cards from this website, you can generate an email list and forward it to all the recipients.

9. 123 Greetings

Everyone loves to have an ample amount of options to choose from no matter the product and ecards are no different. With so many occasions, you need to have a large variety of options in your locker. 123 Greetings promises exactly that. 

123 greetings free greeting cards

The website has a clean and easy-to-understand interface. Its ecards are divided into categories that are further divided into subcategories. From free birthday ecards to wedding anniversaries, 123 Greetings has you all covered. Overall, one of the best free online E-card sites at the moment.

10. Hallmark eCards

There is no doubt in saying that you cannot go wrong with the classic simple-looking options in terms of gift cards. However, they do get repetitive and mundane after a while. If you are also bored by the old gift card designs, Hallmark eCards might just be the website for you.

hallmark ecards best catchy ecards

Opening Hallmark eCards’ website is a delight. It has a very playful and colorful design that is quite fun to browse through. As for the gift cards, they are quite catchy and out of the norm. On top of that, the website also ensures that each major occasion has been covered for its users.

11. Someecards

While the idea of creating one’s gift card sounds quite fun, it can get quite frantic. With Someecards, you don’t need to do any of that. The website has classy gift cards with hand-drawn characters and messages. Therefore, you just need to write the recipient’s name and your message and the card will be yours for the taking. 

someecards funny ecards

If you are gobsmacked by the number of options the website has, you can use the randomizer tool. This will generate a preexisting gift card for the occasion that you selected on the tool. 

12. Punchbowl

Last but not least, we have Punchbowl. It is one of the best free online ecard sites out there. And if you open their website and look at the sheer amount of options it has, you won’t be surprised why. 

punchbowl greeting cards for children

It has classic Disney and other animation-based gift cards for children. For adults, you get to choose from a more classy option with fewer colors and more class. The website also allows you to customize your cards and even add videos to them. To send the cards you make, Punchbowl has “send by email or text” options. Alternatively, you can also download your cards and print them.

13. Regards.com

Group cards are the newest trends when it comes to gift cards. You get to invite multiple people into your card and create it for the recipient in synergy. Regards.com is great free ecard website for doing this.

regards.com best group cards free
Close up of fountain pen on best regards

The best free ecards at Regards.com can be used by creating an account on the website. Once you’re done, simply initiate by selecting a card and writing your message. Once your message has been written, invite other group card members via email. As soon as all the invitees have written their message, the card can be sent to the recipient.


Gift cards will never go out of style. They are extremely easy to get a hold of and if you are creative enough, your gift will also be remembered for a long time. But how do you make sure that your gift card is creative? Well, you just use any of the 13 best free online e-card sites from the list above.

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