Zuma Exits Its Beta Phase, Takes In Fresh Capital

When you’re looking to buy an apartment, you’re trying to hurry up all the way through. It’s a difficult job to get some answers rapidly when you first show up at any given leasing office. So you have to look forward to an alternative, even if you don’t desire to do so. Zula comes with artificial intelligence regarding sales engagement. This feature allows you to get all the information that you want to seek regarding a property. The difference is such that you can get information in minutes that would otherwise take a few days to come to you. Since the platform has gotten its popularity in the marketplace, it has decided to exit its beta phase. With $6.7 million invested into seed funding, Zuma has decided to take its business to the next level. 

It was co-founded by CEO Shiv Gettu and president Kendrick Bradley. Shiv Gettu has been a real estate consultant in the past while Kendrick Bradley is a former Boeing and SpaceX engineer. They came together after understanding the problems of real estate sales teams. The tech-driven company grew in terms of revenue fast, having fetched $2 million in income in the first nine months itself. When the pandemic hit the world for the first time, they had made some great long-term lease commitments. Since leisure travel got halted badly, they had to convert their business into something else.

Image Source: Zuma

This was the time when they came up with the idea of a virtual leasing office. The use of AI was made to automate the conversion process, it is known by the name of Zuma now. The AI-powered agent is made with the objective of answering all the questions in regards to property, no matter if they are simple or complex. It would be interesting to see how far the company goes with this blend between human support and AI.

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