YouTube Announces YouTube Stream and Shop

For more than a decade and a half, YouTube has gone through many stages and has billions of users today, and they continue to grow at an alarming rate. With such tremendous success for a platform where people can upload and share videos for viewers and entertain them, teach new things and connect with them, YouTube has planned to take it one step ahead and help the creators to grow further. 

Amidst the lockdown in the year 2020, when the entire world was locked inside, more than half a million channels streamed live for the first time and it has become very popular with the creators coming live to review the products, talking about their new merchandise, discussing shopping, etc. 

YouTube Creators have grown and evolved in front of our eyes, starting from scratch and reaching tremendous success through the platform, which has led to YouTube conducting their first-ever live shopping pop-up event. You can find the consumers products on the creator channels, some of their own and some that are promoted. YouTube will be promoting all of them at their live event and supporting the up and coming creators. 

With the holiday season just down the road, YouTube will be hosting a whole-week event “YouTube Holiday Stream and Shop” from November 15 to November 22. An entire week of shopping where our favourite creators will be dropping some products with amazing discounts. This week would feature Gordon Ramsay, Patrick Starr, MrBeast, Donut Media, Jackie Aina, among the others selling new products at great rates.

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Viewers can interact with the creators in these live streams and give personal feedbacks along with shopping at discounted rates. You will be able to checkout as well, without leaving the stream. “This year, with the holiday season upon us, we’re excited to offer a whole new way to shop with your favourite creators with our first-ever live shopping pop-up event”. Youtube mentioned. You can visit for more details!

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