Wave To Come Up With Science And Sanity In The Business Of Mental Health

The topic of mental health has been perceived more seriously in the past couple of years. During this period, here comes a platform called Wave which is designed to promote mental health solutions targeting young adults. According to the founders of Wave, the younger generation is facing terrible mental health problems in this day and age. They have said that a whopping 75% of Gen Z is struggling with some emotional or mental problems. The platform is designed to provide the tools and equipment needed to take care of the mental health of young adults. 

The app is set to launch next year. It is going to be available for public testing in the early half of 2022 and the broader launch would be made available later the same year. The founder of the company is Dr Sarah Adler. She has worked on the app for several years and is ready to show the world what the application has got to offer. She believes that digital solutions regarding mental health can be made available to a larger group of audience. The motive is to reach out to the overlooked population which doesn’t get proper solutions regarding mental health.

Image Source: CNBC

It’s interesting to see how much money has been poured into mental health in recent times. About $2.5 billion was spent in this field in 2020 alone, as per Dr Sarah Adler. She believes that social media is also going to play a major role in providing solutions to people struggling with mental health issues.   

Wave is looking to get tangible results. While the business metrics will play their part in the growth of the application and the business, the objective is to provide measurable outcomes for people who are left out of the conversation regarding mental health care!

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