Twitter Makes The “Tipping Feature” Available To The Android Users

Twitter has recently announced that it will make its tipping feature available to Android users as well. The feature has already been provided to iOS users for a couple of months. This feature is going to allow users to get financial help on the platform. The payment can be made through Cash App, PayPal, Venmo and Patreon. The management was always working towards making a platform suitable for transferring funds and it’s a step in the right direction. To receive tips, Android users need to enter the “Edit Profile” option. Once they get there, they can select “Tips” and it will start. There are a lot of initiatives being carried out on Twitter and a lot of them are meant to help the poor in need or for a content creator to get some funds. The “Tips” feature is going to allow you to support your favourite content creator and if you’re yourself creating the content, you can raise funds easily whenever the need arises.

Twitter was always working on a direct payment option and the “tips” feature was introduced back in May to see how people react to it. With this feature, the content creators would be more positive and motivated in promoting their content. But Twitter isn’t the only platform that is trying to help content creators in regards to their financial needs. TikTok has recently confirmed that it is working on the tipping feature as well. So content creators on TikTok would be able to raise funds from their supporters outside of the live streams too.

Image Source: Business Twitter

Instagram & YouTube have already provided ways to earn for various content creators across the globe. Are other platforms trying to walk the same path? By the looks of it, things are moving in that direction. It will surely benefit content creators as they get multiple platforms to showcase their talent!

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