Tidal Introducing Direct Artist Payments

Tidal’s recent partnership with DistroKid has resulted in good news for the artists. Last week, Tidal announced that it will come with a direct artist payment system with the help of DistroKid. The platform has tried to come up with different measures regarding streaming payout models. It is believed that funds are not distributed equitably amongst all the musicians. While some of the popular ones do get all they need, the case isn’t the same in regards to musicians who don’t get their fair share of the limelight. 

Tidal has come with various interesting plans to promote great musicians and provide them with their fair share of the money. The HiFi Plus plan of Tidal is a great example. This plan costs around $19.99 per month. If you buy this plan, about 10% of your subscription fees will be paid to your most-listened-to-artist. All it needs is for the artist to be subscribed to DistroKid and things are going to fall in place. 

This unique model is something that most artists would support themselves. A user-centric payment system is going to allow individual fans to support their favourite artists directly. What better way of showing your support than paying the artists for their awesome work?

Image Source: Musician Wave

This model is going to make artists feel motivated regarding their work. There are so many talented artists around the globe who don’t even get to earn some basic income from their music and have to eventually call it quits. Imagine if a platform like Apple provided one cent for each stream of an artist. If a supporter listened to an artist’s music 10 times, it would give the artist 10 cents directly. 

If this model becomes successful and is being used by other music streaming platforms, things are going to become interesting for many unnoticed musicians. As far as Tidal is concerned, bigger things are coming on it starting from January 2022. It has worked with some major labels and independent musicians to come up with this fan-centred royalties program!

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