Tesla Wants Full Self Driving Testers To Allow Video Collection If A Crash Happens

Tesla has come up with its new Full Self-driving release. It’s asking for the consent of the drivers to collect the videos of the interior as well as the exterior of the car’s camera. It is to be used specifically in case of an accident or “serious safety risk”. 

There have been times when accidents have taken place and Tesla has been blamed for its FSD system. To have proof of such claims, Tesla has decided to come up with this new feature. There are times when some serious issues can occur to the cars. The video collection services will be used to fix such issues rather quickly. 

FSD 10.3 was released widely not too long ago. Tesla has always tried to come up with some advanced cars and FSD 10.3 was supposed to play a big role in it. But the word of mouth was quite bad after Its release. Certain issues were arising in cars such as unexpected auto braking, unwarranted Forward Collision Warnings etc. This proved to be more troublesome for the car owners rather than making things more comfortable for them.

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Elon Musk has made his opinion public through Twitter. He said that these issues are expected from beta software. He also claimed that it is impossible to consider all kinds of hardware configurations in all sorts of conditions. 

But the major issue regarding this beta version of FSD is that accidents are taking place because of issues in it. A driver recently complained to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration that FSD led to a collision of his car on November 3rd. 

Since the issues are increasing over the period of time, it shouldn’t take long for Tesla to come up with proper solutions for them. As of now, it wants to make sure how issues in FSD are taking place so that they can reflect on it!

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