Targus Invents A Smart Backpack – Powered by Apple’s Find My Technology

Apple has always been known for going one step ahead to provide convenience to its users. With the new technologies coming up and forward every other day, Apple keeps surprising us with new inventions to make our life easier. One such latest invention is a smart backpack, introduced by a third party, which can connect to the iPhone and you will be able to track it easily. 

This smart backpack that can connect to your iPhone has been designed by Targus, a computer accessories company. This backpack uses the Find My technology of Apple through which you can track the backpack along with the items within it. 

Going by the name of “Cypress EcoSmart with Find My Technology”, this smart backpack is set to arrive in the markets next spring. You can fit several things inside it, including laptops up to 16 inches. The smartest thing about the making of this backpack is that it is made from recycled items, which includes water bottles as well. 

This bag came into the limelight when it was named an honoree at CES 2022 Innovation Awards, a design and engineering competition. The Director of Global Product Management of Targus, Scott Elrich, gave a statement in a press release: “We have combined the latest Apple technology with a smart, carefully designed backpack that meets the needs of today’s mobile and eco-conscious consumers for superior comfort, convenience, and functionality – whether at home, in the office, or on the go,” 

Image Source: <The Verge>

Apple mentions that this Targus smart backpack connects with Apple’s Find My Technology so the user can know the precise location of their items through Bluetooth. For those with concerns of privacy breaching, Apple mentioned that the whole process is end-to-end encrypted and anonymous, meaning nobody except the user, not even Apple or Targus, will be able to know the location or information of the backpack. 

These third-party products that use the Find My technology of Apple must comply with the strict privacy policy and that is what the backpack has exactly done. Pricing and the exact release date for this backpack are yet to be announced. 

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