Spotify To Come Up With New Lyrics Feature

Spotify is one of the most popular music streaming platforms all across the globe. But one of the major problems that most of its users had was the absence of real-time lyrics. It has recently been announced that it will come up with a new lyrics feature across the world. The good thing is that this feature will be available to both free and premium versions of the application, contrary to most of its features which are available only to the users of the premium version. This feature is going to be provided by Musixmatch, a company that signed a deal with Spotify not too long ago. The deal was to offer lyrics to its listeners in India, Latin America and Southeast Asia. A lot of countrymen had the problem that real-time lyrics were not available in their respective countries. It all changes now that this announcement has come to actual fruition. 

Spotify has already provided real-time lyrics in a lot of countries across the globe. It was providing this feature to its users in around 26 countries. This feature was first tested in 2019 and has gone well with the way it was executed in a limited number of nations. The “Behind the Lyrics” feature was already spread all around the world. With this feature, users got some interesting trivia regarding the tracks along with some commentary about the artists featured in those songs. But currently, it has made sure to make the real-time lyrics available to everyone too. So now when you update to the latest version of the app, you have to go to the “now playing” section to see the real-time lyrics.

Image Source: Spotify

The platform has kept on growing and users will keep demanding new features from Spotify. With the platform becoming bigger each passing day, you can expect the unexpected in the future with its interesting updates!

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