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Selfies, well, are a part and parcel of our life. Go to anywhere in the world, you find people taking selfies everywhere. People often look for a good Snapchat Filters App to take different kinds of creative selfies.. Be it in the rural areas or the posh cosmopolitan cities selfies taken by people. Selfies have become a part of how we express our love or emotion to the others.

There are a lot of varieties of selfies like groupfie, belfie, and many more. But now with the rise of social media apps like Snapchat and Instagram, selfies are being taken more frequently and a Snapchat Filters apps are often getting installed by users. In fact, a lot of youngsters are so addicted to selfies that they take a minimum of fifty selfies per day. We have to say selfies have a great impact on a person’s life.

Snapchat mainly is in the numero uno spot for providing its users an amazing service of taking selfies with filters. Snapchat uses a face tracking artificial intelligence like technology which animates your face in the real-time so that your selfie resembles the filters they choose.

Since they take or capture their so-called doggy selfies, they can send those pictures in the form of snaps to their friends they add in their accounts or they can post them as stories with Snapchat or other Snapchat Filters App.

It’s the new trend in the Selfie world. What’s more! You can also do video chat while using those filters in Snapchat.

There are some Snapchat Filters App in the market which can also be used instead of Snapchat when Snapchat isn’t downloaded in your android or apple phone.

Snapchat Filters App – Snapchat Filters Effect Apps

We have come up with a list of the best Snapchat Filters Effect Apps. Check out these popular Snapchat Filters App:

1. Masquerade


If Snapchat isn’t available, Masquerade also known as MSQRD is another popular Snapchat filter effects app just like Snapchat filter maker. It does a wonderful job by animating the user’s face using its technology in different ways. You can use it as a photo or you can also make a video and you can also go live. By doing all this, you can also share the same selfie simultaneously on Facebook, another popular social media app.

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It was bought by Facebook, so that it could use the MSQRD’s wonderful technology to introduce filters in their own social media app, Instagram. Its imaging technology and its artificial intelligence is something which is wonderful and should be commended.

MSQRD is still available in Google Play Store and App Store to download but it doesn’t update regularly as it serves its company, Instagram.


This Asian app is almost a complete copy to the Snapchat with crazy filters. It can also be called as one of the best in new Snapchat filters app category.

This Korean app is a pure bliss with similar filers and advanced technology like Snapchat. This app can be sometimes considered to be not okay because of its bad filters but otherwise, this app is good to go and is user-friendly. You can choose from a huge variety of filters and stickers in his app. You can also see that if someone takes a screenshot of your selfie, it notifies you. Similar to Snapchat, right?

Snow, actually is a perfect clone to Snapchat because it has this 48-hour story feature and a GIF features. It is compatible with iOS and Android.

3. Boo

boo app

Boo is another fun app just like Snapchat. It is definitely worth checking out if you are a Snapchat addict and love to take selfies with different Snapchat filters effects.

You can snap your selfie or record a video and you can also broadcast it live as your status in that app. Boo is without a doubt a great Snapchat Filters App.

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Boo is compatible with Android and iOS. You can doodle and write captions for your selfies and post them.

4. Camera 360

snapchat filters effects app

Just like SNOW mentioned above, Camera360 is shaping up to be another wildly popular facial recognition filter app coming to us from Korea. There are over 100 different filters to choose from and play around with to get your selfies and videos looking just right.

Amazingly, quite unlike many of the other apps mentioned on this list (including Snapchat), Camera360 actually allows its users to go nuts on their selfies by combining their crazy looking filtered selfies with editing effects for smoothing out imperfections and enhancing other parts. If you love the whimsical look of Korean animation, you’ll love this app.

5. Face Swap Live

face swap live

Before the Snapchat days, there was Face Swap Live– a simple app that allowed the user to switch faces with another user besides the user in real time as you record a video or take a selfie snap. The user can also select a photo from the phone and swap their face with the person in that photo in the gallery.

Eventually, Snapchat introduced and voila! It became widely popular. There are in-app purchases the user can make to upgrade and get unlimited features. This might be one of your favorites if you start using the app right away. And yes, it is compatible with IOS and Android smartphones.

Notable Mention: Snap Effects and Filters

This app is another great Snapchat filter effects app. You can make wonderful selfies and photos with different Snap Effects and Filters and get more likes and followers by using this app. The stickers-emoji’s and filters you select are saved in the picture that you post and they will be the same in iPhone and Android.

Some of the features are:

Amazing snappy photo filters & stickers for the user ’s face for free and creative cool smiley filters and stickers to the user’s photo with the snap camera and Snap Effects and Filters.
Add smiley, Doggy, Face rainbow filter, cute rabbit, anime eyes, tears, text, stickers and Cartoon, doggy to the user ’s selfie in just a few seconds!

Many filters and stickers are available, like doggy face, cat face, rabbit face, rainbow, animal eyes, masquerade camera, emoji, tears, snap text and so on.

How to use Snap Effects and Filters App:

– Install the app  and open the free app “Snap Face Doggy for Snappy on your phone or tablet;
-Take a photo or choose a photo from the gallery. 
– Select Emoji’s/stickers/Filters to put on your doggy face images. 
– Zoom in/Zoom out, Rotate left/right with 2 fingers to adjust emojis and Snapchat filters. 
– Save Images in your Phone or SD-Card.
– You can share your snap photo on Instagram, Facebook, and WhatsApp or just save it to your own photo gallery.

So these are some of the apps which have same Snapchat like effects. They are very user friendly and amazing. So next time you are bored, you always have these apps ready! We hope that you liked this post on Snapchat Filters App.

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