Respira Launches “Sylvee” To Monitor Your Lung Health

Respira Labs have continuously done their research meant for COPD and asthma patients. They have shown it in the past number of years by coming up with wearables that can measure all the aspects of your body. It has come up with a wearable for COPD and asthma patients. The name of the product is “Sylvee” and you can wear it at the lower part of your rib cage. It will continuously access the lung function quite comfortably. It comes with embedded speakers and microphones that will see differences in acoustic resonance. The device is going to generate noise through its speakers and use the microphones to give details regarding the sounds that have been generated. So if we analyze it nicely, the wearable is supposed to collect all the data and measure lung volume, capacity, rate of flow and give a perfect analysis regarding someone’s lungs. 

There’s an interesting fact behind the name of the product. The grandmother of Dr Maria Artunduaga, the founder and CEO of Respira Labs, passed away after suffering from COPD. The name of the product is named after her. Dr Maria Artunduaga has himself explained how air trapping can be measured with 90% accuracy with the help of low-frequency sound. The device is supposed to provide an early diagnosis of acute deterioration, thus allowing the people suffering from it to look for a medical solution as early as possible. A lot of people suffer from COPD and die due to a sudden exacerbation of these symptoms. With the goal of Respira Labs set at 90% accuracy in regards to measuring air trapping, one can expect some awesome results from “Sylvee”. They have conducted trials on more than 500 patients and have been satisfied with the results. The device is yet not readily available in the market since FDA clearance is still required! 

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