Research On Harmful Challenges Leading To The Change In TikTok’s policies

Tiktok has been often criticized for the different trends taking place on it. There have been various challenges that have led to serious injuries for a whole lot of people. It hasn’t been long since Italian regulators decided to take action against this platform by getting rid of underage users from the platform. The platform has been a mess for a long time if we describe it that way. There have been certain challenges that have had an impact on most of the people using this platform, especially the teens. We have seen the impact of challenges that have led to kids hitting their teachers and destroying school property. Although TikTok has downplayed its part in all these activities, it has launched various global projects to understand its audience. It has commissioned Praesidio Safeguarding to write various reports regarding how it must have impacted the minds of these teenagers and all the recommendations that should be on offer. Dr Richard Graham has stepped in as a helping hand now, a clinical child psychiatrist who specialises in risk prevention in adolescence.

Dr Richard Graham has come up with an interesting analysis. As per him, the age group who is transitioning from teenage to adult life are keen to know the world around them. The urge of engaging in riskier activities is far more since the consequences are not understandable at this age. The study finds out that only 2% of the world’s teenage population is participating in these risky activities, while a mere 21% teenage population is participating in any of these trending activities at all.  A mere 0.3% have participated in activities that are considered to be dangerous. In regards to what this study had to say, TikTok has come up with a reaction as well. Now the platform would be keeping a close eye on all these dangerous activities that violate content. Moderation was the need of the hour for TikTok and they are working in that front for sure! 

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