Reddit To Shut Down Dubsmash, Introducing Video Tools To Its App

Remember this platform that had become famous a few years back? Dubsmash had quite some popularity across the globe at a point in time. The popularity dipped over a period and Reddit acquired it quite recently. As per the latest reports, Reddit is about to close Dubsmash completely. The platform will no longer consider Dubsmash starting from February 22, 2022. Reddit has announced that it will remove the application from platforms such as Apple App Store and Google App Store. If you have downloaded the application before, it will stop functioning from February 22, 2022. 

Reddit had acquired Dubsmash in December 2020. The idea was to integrate the video creation tools of Dubsmash into Reddit so that the application could become more functional. While the deal was to help Reddit get better with an effective video creation tool, we can comfortably say that the plan hasn’t worked out. 

Now that they have decided to end terms with Dubsmash, it doesn’t mean that they are going to call the idea of video creation tools to quit. They are coming up with creative tools to help users engage further on the platform. With new camera features that are going to allow users to make videos in different ways, Reddit is making some moves. They had already rolled out a video feed feature for iOS users in August. There are options such as upvote, downvote, comment, gif or reward and share. The configuration is quite similar to TikTok.

The current set of Reddit users love to engage in video content. As per the platform itself, there has been 70% growth in terms of overall hours watched by the users here. It also claims that there’s an increase of about 30% in daily active video viewers. 

There’s no doubt that Reddit is trying to give TikTok a hard time. We would like to see what changes it brings to its platform to make Reddit a like-for-like replacement for TikTok!

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