PC Requirements For Dean Hall’s Icarus

As you might know, Icarus, a sci-fi survival game is scheduled to release on 4th December. The game was earlier supposed to release in August but for some justifications, the delays kept on taking place. Icarus decided to open a series of beta weekends for its users in the meantime, those of them who had pre-ordered the game. With over 2,00,000 pre-orders, the beta became the top-selling game for Steam. Ever since August 2021, it has been on the list of the top 10 most wish-listed games. 

RocketWerkz has finally released the PC specifications for the game just a couple of weeks before the actual release of this game. Here are the minimum requirements that you must have to play this anticipated sci-fi survival game:-

  1. The operating system should be Windows 10. Note that it has to be the 64-bit version of Windows 10. 
  2. The process should be Intel i5 8400. 
  3. The memory must be 16 GB of RAM. 
  4. As far as graphics are concerned, it should be Nvidia GTX 1060 6GB at the very least. 
  5. Version 11 of Direct X must be installed. 
  6. Available space should be 70 GB. 
  7. Broadband internet connection is the only way to process this game nicely.
Image Source: Polygon

While these are the minimum requirements for the game, you have to look a step ahead so that there’s no problem running the game on your system. Intel i7-9700 will work perfectly fine as far as the processor is concerned. Make sure you have 32 GB of RAM on your PC at the same point in time. Along with that, you should go for the NVIDIA RTX 3060ti and it will be smooth sailing. 

The game is all set to release on December 4th on Steam. The three months of beta testing and feedback should be able to elevate it further!

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