Lydia Comes Up With New Features, Adds Stock And Crypto Trading To Its Payment App

Lydia has entered a new sphere altogether with its latest update. The French startup has decided to come up with a new feature that will allow users to do trading on its platform. It has partnered with Bitpanda to come up with the latest financial app feature. So if you’re using the application, you will be able to trade in American & European Shares. It’s not limited to just shares, you will be able to deal in cryptocurrency as well. 

The application was meant to be for peer-to-peer payment options for the users. If you want to send and receive money instantly, this platform is suitable for the job. As time has gone by, the application has come up with brand new features. It includes cashback, money loans, donations and many other amazing features on the app. While the new users are attracted with the help of peer-to-peer payment options, it is the additional features that give users many reasons to stick with the platform consistently. With over 5.5 million users on Lydia, the platform is successful with all the additional features and financial products.

Image Source: Coverager

It would just take a few steps for you to start trading on this application. The rules and regulations are quite simple to understand as well. You’re not required to create a separate account to get the feature of trading. If you’re an existing user, you can start buying and selling shares almost instantly. To start with, you can buy a couple of shares for a smaller price. You can do so for as little as €1. The partnership with Bitpanda is considered to be beneficial by the management of Lydia. It is going to be a win-win situation for both parties!

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