Kingdom Come Deliverance Have Gone Past 4 Million Sales

Embracer Group has recently announced a new landmark regarding Kingdom Come Deliverance. It has officially made it known to the people that this game has sold over 4 million copies across platforms all over the globe. It had sold about 3 million copies around June 2020. It is a remarkable feat that the game has been able to sell close to 1 million copies in the last year. Ever since the game was first launched, it has been the talk of the town amongst the gamers. A story-driven open-world RPG sends you on an epic adventure. There are so many things on offer in regards to the Holy Roman Empire. You’re supposed to avenge your parents’ death here. How do you do so? You go through different levels and challenges as the game passes by, with certain game-changing quests. With some eye-pleasing graphics, it comes as no surprise that this game is extremely addictive. The game comes to you with real-world scenarios. A non-linear story is something that people can get interested in. It’s a sort of game in which you can solve your quests in several ways. You have to face the consequences of your decisions. You make a wise decision, you go far in your mission to avenge your parents’ death. If you make a foolish decision, you might have to restart things all over again.

There’s a challenging combat system involved here as well. Since you have got a chance to make influential choices all the way through, you will always find it interesting to go through the gameplay. With the major success of this game, Warehouse is working on an unannounced project. Is it going to be a sequel to the very successful Kingdom Come Deliverance? Only time would be able to tell it better.

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