Introducing An Actionable Data Ethics Framework

While the quality of goods and services that you provide helps you stand out as a successful organisation, there are other competitive differentiators to be taken into the account as well. It is how you protect the data of your company that you get to stand out from the rest of the bunch. The quality of the services might be there with a lot of companies but how many of them have ensured a complete safety of data? The protection of your data is going to make or break your business. It is not just the data of the company but the data of your customers that need to be protected as well. 

To get there, you have to see how customers want their data to be protected. It is going to set the basis for the data ethics framework that you’re going to follow to safeguard the data of your customers. The task here is simple, you understand how your customers would like their data to be protected. You have to make policies that can protect their data in the same manner.

Image Source: Arstechnica

You’ll have to hire a chief data ethics officer as well. This is the person who’s going to make sure that the data is being used ethically by employees as well as customers. The job is set in front of A CDEO, to create the best data ethics framework. 

It’s important to evaluate the existing data practices in your company as well. The chances are high that you’re using outdated practices. It needs to be changed as soon as possible. 

Outline all the specific things that you would want to change about the policies in regards to the security of your organisation. As long as you manage to set up a nice team to do the job, you’re bound to get it right!

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