Instagram to add “Take A Break” Feature

The recent groundbreaking announcement of Facebook about transforming to Meta has already seen some major changes in all of the Facebook-owned apps and more changes are likely to be on their way. One such new feature has been announced by Instagram (owned by Facebook). This new feature called “Take A Break” will allow the users to take a break from scrolling their feed. 

After the introduction of Reels on the social media platform, there has been a massive growth seen in the time spent by the users. It has increased to an extent where users even forget how much time they have been on the app which, of course, can lead to fatal consequences. This new “Take A Break” feature will remind the users about the time they have been spending on the App and remind them to take a break.

Image Source: Tecteem

The feature is still in development and Adam Mosseri, Instagram Head, announced that it can be released in the mid of December. A limited number of people have been allowed to test the feature later this week. In this Take A Break feature, when you opt-in, it gives a reminder after you spend a specific amount of time on the app. There are three timestamps at present: 10 minutes, 20 minutes and 30 minutes. Users can also turn “Off” the option if they do not want to get any reminders. 

The app has closely worked with the experts for advice about the working of this feature. The suggestions in this “Take A Break” include deep breathing, writing down the thoughts, listening to the songs, or ticking a task off your list. The aim of this feature is to try and provide people with control over how and when they use the app, Mosseri further stated. 

This feature will be similar to what some certain smartphones have been doing to allow people to manage their screen time. With the introduction of “Take A Break”, it is believed that people will be more productive and yet have their fun on the app.

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