Instagram Testing Subscriptions For Creators And Fans Alike

Instagram recently looked to explore its app to allow the creators to connect with their fans on a deeper level. The Creators Subscriptions feature was said to be still in development, through which the creators can upload exclusive stories that would be visible only to the subscribers. As usual, Instagram takes the other way of rolling out features when it allows a certain number of people to use the feature before making a worldwide update. There has been a little buzz for this update but the app intelligence services have noted the addition of in-app purchase options in the U.S. app, namely “Instagram Subscriptions”.

Sensor Tower, A Mobile App Store Marketing Intelligence, confirmed the “Instagram Subscriptions” being added in the U.S. App Store on 1st November with the price being $4.99. After a few days, on 3rd November, a $0.99 in-app purchase was seen as well. These are not the only in-app purchases as prior to this, there were “Instagram Badges” that fans can purchase to show support for their beloved creators when they come live.

This update doesn’t surprise many as Instagram has made the plans clear for expansion of the creator tools, allowing the subscriptions and NFTs to support the creators. Subscriptions would charge a small fee from the followers so they can have exclusive access to the creators. 
Reverse Engineer Alessandro Paluzzi mentioned that the “Exclusive Stories” would enable the fans to access the stories which were not accessible to others. These could not be screenshotted but can be shown in Highlights so the new members can see them. Subscribers will also get a special badge to access the exclusive content, although all of this is still in development. 
With almost every app releasing features to deepen the connection between creators and followers, Instagram has joined the race as well. When asked to open more about the new options, Instagram refused to reveal anything and asked to wait for the official announcements.

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