Hulu+Live TV To Add Disney+ And ESPN+ To Its Service, Charging Additional $5 Per Month

Hulu has decided to go big with its latest announcement. It has been made public that the Live TV subscribers on Hulu will be able to get the services of Disney+ and ESPN+ at the same point in time. The charge is not optional, you will have to pay $5 extra every single month. The content will be ad-free, just like it is supposed to be with a Live TV subscription on Hulu. It will start on December 21, 2021, as Hulu will expand the number of choices for its subscribers.  If you’re looking to go for an ad-supported plan, the price will see an increase from $64.99 per month or $69.99 per month. The No Ads Plan will increase to $75.99 per month. 

While some subscribers might be dissatisfied with this announcement due to the increase in the cost of Hulu+Live TV, it can be a steal for those who want to watch the content of Disney+ and ESPN+ at the same time. The cost of a subscription is $7.99 and $6.99 per month in Disney+ and ESPN+ respectively. If you’re buying both forms separately, you’re paying around $14 every single month. Meanwhile, Hulu+Live TV is going to charge a mere $5 per month from you for the same services.

Image Source: Decider

Although the combination is going to work well in terms of a combined price, you will have to download each application separately. So download and install all these platforms before you sign up for them. The signup credentials would be all the same in each of the applications. 

Disney has been working vigorously to further capitalize on its Hulu investment. It has been the case since it first acquired Fox in 2019. The decision to combine all the applications may help Hulu+Live TV to grow its numbers!

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