How To Screenshot On Lenovo Chromebook

Screenshots are one of the basic features of any device with a monitor or screen. Doesn’t matter what device you are using and what system it works on; there is surely a way of capturing whatever’s on your screen. Whether you want to save a meme or capture funny comments, you need a screenshot utility.

screenshot on lenovo chromebook

Now we all know different ways of taking screenshots on mobile phones or Windows computers. But there’s a common question that people have: how to screenshot on Lenovo Chromebook. Here is everything you need to know about screenshots and screen recording on a Chromebook. 

Why Do You Need To Take Screenshots?

If you have ever used a mobile phone or computer, you know what a screenshot is and what it does. Simply put, a screenshot lets you capture and save anything you can see on your screen. It allows you to save and share information through high-quality pictures.

For example, assume you face an app error and want the developers to fix it. You can share a screenshot of the error to help them identify and fix the errors. People also screenshot funny comments and moments to remember something that made them laugh. 

Why Is Taking Screenshots Different On A Chromebook?

Every operating system has its different way of capturing screenshots. Chromebooks are very different from a standard Windows desktop or laptop. For example, there are no function keys on the keyboard of a Chromebook. You can’t use the shortcuts that you would usually take help of on a Windows laptop. A Chromebook has its own unique set of keys, commands, and shortcuts. 

Different Types of Screenshots on Lenovo Chromebook

There are many different kinds of screenshots you can take on a Lenovo Chromebook. It depends on what region you want to capture. If you want to capture everything you see on your screen, you need a full screenshot. When you capture only a specific screen area, it is called a partial screenshot. Finally, you can also capture only the window you are using at any moment. It’s called a window screenshot. There are different ways of taking any screenshot on Lenovo Chromebook. 

How To Screenshot On Lenovo Chromebook Using Shortcuts

Chromebook does not work like your regular laptops or computers regarding screenshots. But it still has unique shortcuts that you can use to capture anything you want off your screen. Here are the shortcuts you can use to grab a full or partial screenshot of your screen and a specific window.

Taking A Full Screenshot On Lenovo Chromebook

You can capture the entirety of your screen using a simple shortcut. To do so, simultaneously press the combination of ctrl + show windows buttons. Just make sure the exact content you want to capture is visible. You can crop or edit the screenshot later as well. 

Taking A Partial Screenshot On Lenovo Chromebook

A partial screenshot helps when you only want to share or save one specific part of the content that is on your screen. You can take a partial screenshot with a simple shortcut and some adjustments. Here are the steps you will follow to take a partial screenshot on Lenovo Chromebook. 

screenshot on lenovo chromebook
  1. Press the combination of “ctrl + shift + show windows” simultaneously.
  2. You will see a cross has replaced your cursor. You can click and drag it to cover any area of the screen. 
  3. Select the area you want to capture. You can also resize it or move it after the selection. Once satisfied with your selection, click on “Capture”.

Taking A Window Screenshot On Lenovo Chromebook

It is possible to screenshot a specific window you are using. It will not include extra elements like the taskbar or the various icons. Here is how to take a single window on your Chromebook with a simple shortcut. 

  1. Press the combination of Ctrl + Alt keys and click the Show Windows key. 
  2. It will reveal a screenshot toolbar with different options at the bottom of your screen. 
  3. Click on the third option, the Window option, to help you capture one specific window on the monitor.
  4. A camera will replace your regular cursor now. Drag the icon over any window you want to capture and click on it to grab a screenshot. 

How To Screenshot On Lenovo Chromebook With Quick Settings?

Using keyboard shortcuts isn’t the only way to take a screenshot on a Chromebook device. You can use Quick Settings to take different types of screenshots. 

  • Full Screenshot: Go to the Quick Settings panel. Click “Screen Capture” and select the first icon representing the full screen. 
  • Partial Screenshot: Follow the same path and click on the second option. Click the cross cursor to select the area you want to screenshot. Press Capture when you are done to save it. 
  • Window Screenshot: Choose the window icon at the screen capture toolbar. Then click on the window you want to capture.

How To Screenshot On Lenovo Chromebook In Tablet Mode?

When you use your Chromebook in tablet mode, you cannot access the keyboard and the shortcuts mentioned earlier. But there is a different shortcut to take a full screenshot without having access to the keyboard. Simply press the power and volume down buttons to capture the whole screen. Unfortunately, you can’t take a partial screenshot when using your device as a tablet. But you can edit and crop it out later.

How To Screen Record On A Lenovo Chromebook?

Sometimes simply capturing an image of your screen is not enough. Especially when the content you want to save is constantly changing. For example, a video or a gif. Or a long post on Facebook that is too long to be contained within a single screenshot. Multiple screenshots are messy and just not convenient. Screen recording allows you to record long-form content on your screen. Here is how to do it on your Chromebook. 

  1. Go To Quick Settings.
  2. Click on Screen Capture.
  3. Click on the video camera icon to switch the screen recording mode. 

This menu allows you to either record the full screen or just a partial selection of the screen, just like it works in screenshots. You can also record a specific window. The toolbar has three icons representing a full screen, a partial screen, and a window. 

  • Clicking on the full-screen icon will record everything. 
  • Clicking on the partial screen option will let you click, drag, and select the exact region of your screen that you want to record.
  • Clicking on the window icon will let you screen record only the open window without the taskbar or any extra elements. 


Screenshots are a useful tool for capturing anything on your screen, be it an image, a random webpage, or an open document. Every operating system has its own screenshotting functions and features. So is the case with commands and shortcuts to make it easier for the user. 

Lenovo Chromebooks are no different either. You can use various shortcuts and methods to capture a window, your whole screen, or just a part of it when using your device. 

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