How to Fix Roblox Error Code 279

Roblox is a great platform for people to create and play games. It comes with a smooth gameplay engine while its interface is also quite user-friendly. However, sometimes your playing endeavors may hit a deadlock in the form of errors. One of these errors is the Roblox Error Code 279.

Roblox Error 279 usually occurs due to server connection and does not allow users to enter into the game at all. However, like most Roblox errors, it is very easy to fix. In this article, we’ll delve deep into why this error pops up in the first place and the best ways to bypass it.

What is Roblox Error Code 279?

Roblox is an online platform for playing and developing games. While users can program their own creative ideas, other users can play the games within the ecosystem in single or multiplayer modes. A variety of games are available on Roblox for all types of game players. It would be disappointing if you are unable to access the same. 

‘DISCONNECTED: Failed to connect with the Game. (ID=17: Connection attempt failed.) (Error Code 279)’ is the message that comes on the screen when the connection is bad. When you are trying to join a game but are unable to load or connect to the game server, that is when you will see Roblox error code 279. It is like a server block. If your games are extremely slow in terms of load times, this error might be responsible as well. 

Why Does Roblox Error Code 279 Occur?

What is blocking your server? There are a few reasons why your game server is not responding. In this part of the blog, we will explain to you why the Roblox Error Code 279 is happening. The thing is that if the error is not fixed, your game might crash.

fix roblox error 279

Here are the main reasons for the continuous occurrence of Roblox Error Code 279:

  • Bad Internet Connection

When the internet connection is slow, it is obvious that your game will take a lot of time to load. Wireless connection or low bandwidth internet connection would not support Roblox games. You need a good internet connection that does not lag. This is the most common reason for Roblox error code 279 to happen. 

  • In-game Errors

This is an empty game issue where some essentials of the game structure are missing. You can name it a glitch or an error by the creator. What is required in such situations is to report the problem to the game creator instead of trying to play the game in such conditions because this will lead to error code 279. These are script mistakes that can be only solved by the programmers. 

  • Game Server Size

Roblox is an exceptionally massive platform. Users of all types of systems use it to design and play the game they love. The variety of the games available is diverse. This needs an expansive server range. If you are also trying to load on the same game server as millions of people in the whole world are, then your game might load slow. Plus, if your internet connection is slow in such a big gaming world, it is evident you will face error code 279 on Roblox. 

  • Windows Firewall

Windows has its own Defender Firewall. Windows Firewall is an internet connection firewall. It provides security to Windows from online threats you might face with your PC while surfing the internet. In this process, a lot of things trying to reach your server connection could be blocked by Windows Firewall. You do have to protect your computer system, but Roblox is a safe space. It will not threaten your desktop’s security if you turn the Windows Defender Firewall down.

If the Roblox connection is not enabled on your Windows Firewall, you will see the Roblox Error Code 279.

How to Fix Roblox Error Code 279

Getting errors while playing Roblox can be quite annoying. But worry you not, most of them are very easy to fix. Here are a few ways to fix the Roblox error code 279:

  • Use a Reliable Internet Browser

If you are using a browser that is not trustworthy enough, your server might be blocked. Browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and such have been proved much safer in this aspect. It is best to use trusted browsers to avoid Roblox Error Code 279.

  • Use an Updated Version of your Browser

Keeping the browser updated keeps the security of your internet browsing in check. Every update means a modification or correction in the server. To avoid Roblox Error Code 279, keep the installed browser up-to-date.

  • Windows Firewall

We have already discussed Windows Defender Firewall getting in the way between your server and internet connection. Now, we will tell you how to enable Roblox on the Firewall.

You will have to turn off the Windows Firewall before beginning the Roblox game. 

For this, go to your computer settings and search for Windows Firewall. 

Open Windows Defender Firewall and turn it off. 

After that, you can play your game on Roblox without the fear of Error Code 279.

  • Reset your Internet Settings

If you do not know what is causing Roblox Error Code 279, then this one might work best for you. Since you do not know what the cause of the error is except that the error source is the server at first hand, you can just reset your internet setting in the browser.

For this, click open your internet browser and go to settings.

Look for ‘Advanced Settings’.

Reset, and shut the browser. Now, you can try playing on Roblox and see whether the error code has disappeared or not.

Resetting the internet settings is the easiest way you can fix most error codes that are related to networking.

  • Turn off the Anti-Virus Software Access to Roblox

Ant-Virus software, like Windows defender, prevents a lot of other software from running. It detects them as malware or a threat to the system. This is why you need to disable the Anti-Virus on your computer before opening Roblox Gaming. It is not that this happens all the time. But generally, all games are designed very differently and that is the most common way viruses spread. People are crazy over games and they look over the malware. Therefore, anti-virus chains down as many games as it can if it finds them threatening. 

However, with Roblox being an authentic gaming zone, you can disable the Anti-Virus on your desktop without worries.

  • Shut Down Ad-blocking Extensions

These extensions to block ads and notifications could be a real deal of why you are facing Roblox Error Code 279. It is better to disable them as there are a lot of ads on Roblox itself. This way your gaming experience can be blocked, and you will face Roblox Error Code 279.

We understand ads could be annoying in some way, however, Roblox cannot give you the privilege to play ad-free as that is one of the sources of their income. Ad-blocking extensions on the browser do prevent the games from loading if they contain in-game ads.

  • Use Secure Ports

Port forwarding is important on the internet if you want to have a smooth Roblox gaming experience. 

Go to the Router Control Panel and enter your IP address in the Port Forwarding section.

UDP should be the required protocol and restart the system or the router.

Now you will not face Roblox Error Code 279 if you did this right. 



Hopefully, any one of these methods would do the work for you. The reasons behind the error code are very basic. It is mainly a server issue and Roblox is such a huge gaming platform. So many users around the world are trying to load various games. It is even more in multiplayer games. Roblox needs a smooth and fast internet connection. Even a little delay in the server can slow down your experience. 

A few other minor reasons could also be that some person on the internet is blocking the Roblox server or when someone continuously attempts to re-join the same server again and again even before they are properly disconnected from the previous one.

Now that you know how to fix Roblox Error Code 279, all the methods should be working for you. However, if you are still facing issues with Roblox it could also be some other Error Code if the Roblox Error Code 279 is not on the display. 

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