Don’t Miss Out On The Live-Action, With Clubhouse “Replay”

Creating a sandstorm all across the social media platforms a few months ago and generating a wide buzz all over, Clubhouse rolled in with the unique features that would allow people from all over the world to come to one place (room as per the app) and play games, listen to music, and whatnot. With the unique approach, people from all across downloaded the app to have a go at it and the developers surely didn’t disappoint with the constant updates of additional features. 

One such addition is the recent update where the Clubhouse hosts and moderators would have a new feature that is available on iOS as well as Android. With the update, the creators will be able to record an audio room so anyone would not have a FOMO in case they miss out on the live action. 

First announced at the end of September, the much-awaited feature called “Replay” is finally making its way to the public rooms. The best thing about this feature is that the Replays will be downloadable externally as well. Anyone outside of Clubhouse can share the Repays too, as a Youtube clip, Instagram Story, Reels, TikTok, podcast, etc.

In the feature, if you listen to a recorded room, you would be able to skip to the next speaker, listen to it at a fast rate, pause or also make 30-second clips of recording. 

Anyone listening to the Replay after the live room will be visible to the Clubhouse creators so they can keep an eye on who missed out on the live-action. In addition to this, a “total room count” is also making its way so the hosts would know about the number of people listening. 

Clubhouse users have often missed out on a lot of things due to the mismatched schedules, not being able to catch the live events but the Replay feature will allow them to listen at their own convenience. It will also benefit the creators as they can reach a wider range of people even after the live room ends.

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