9 Companies like Sezzle – Sezzle Alternatives

In this post, we will discuss companies like Sezzle which are just as great as Sezzle. There are a number of online marketplaces present nowadays and Sezzle happens to be one of them. It allows customers to buy items that they desire to purchase and to pay for them later in smaller payments.

Best Companies like Sezzle – Sezzle Alternatives

If for some reason, you want an option other than Sezzle, then we’ve got you covered. While it is an amazing platform, there are many companies like Sezzle that can prove to be as advantageous. We are going to have a look at a few of them:- 

1. Venue 

When we are talking about companies like Sezzle, Venue is one of the names that is going to sit on the top of the pile. After all, it has become one of the best online marketplaces in the world as it allows you to get your hands on some of the best brands out there.

Since it offers several options in terms of repayment, you will always find an app like Venue very eventful. It is very important to have a platform like Venue as it allows customers to buy high priced products for a genuine price. From electrical to fashion to homeware products, everything is going to be included here. 

2. PayPal Credit 

If you’re searching for companies like Sezzle, PayPal Credit will always find a place at the top of the results of your search engine. It allows you to get access to a thousand products. There are several amazing features on this app. One of them is the fact that any purchase over $99 can be paid back within 6 months of the purchase.

The best part about it is that no added interest will be charged on it. So if you want to buy some of the top fashion or technological products but don’t have enough money in your pocket, you should be using PayPal Credit as an option since it is very useful. 

3. Zip 

It is one of the many companies like Sezzle that’s supposed to offer you great advantages in terms of online payments. Zip is not restricted to online-only stores. It means that you can have this option even if you choose to go to brick and mortar stores around you to buy products from some of the top brands. You will also get a proper application of Zipping which is very simple to use. 

4. Affirm 

Most of the other companies like Sezzle are going to offer you repayments over a short period. You will get a maximum of 6 months to pay back the amount which can be a bit difficult to achieve in most cases.

Affirm allows you to give repayments over a long period, somewhere in the range of 12 to 18 months. If you’re visiting Walmart to buy some expensive things from top brands, you can use Affirm as a payment option. 

5. Split 

It is very easy to make payments with Splitit. When you’re supposed to checkout, you will be asked to give details regarding the payment option. You have to choose the option of “Pay with Splitit”. Once you do so, you have to enter into your Splitit account and allow the payment to be made.

The great thing about using Splitit is that you can split the actual payments into a big number, going as far as 24 instalments. It will decrease the amount of each instalment which you can cover up quite easily with your monthly income. 

6. FuturePay 

The name suggests the job of this payment platform. Most of the people searching for companies like Sezzle are probably dealing with online shopping.It allows you to buy something today, even if it is having a huge price and you pay for it in smaller amounts in the times to come.

You can pay as little as $25 per month up until the payment is done. You can choose a bigger amount if you don’t want to deal with the instalments for a longer period in the future. FuturePay is a very flexible option and there’s a lot of transparency involved in the entire process. 

7. Laybuy 

Laybuy is one company like Sezzle that’s available in multiple countries. While it is majorly being used by the people of New Zealand and Australia, it is widely being preferred by the people of the UK as well. The application of this platform is really wide. While you can use it as an option for online payments, it can prove to be an effective use in the case of in-store transactions as well.

You can split your payments into 6 instalments which you can pay once every week. The schedule is kept so tight so that the company and the merchants are assured that you can pay the amount as it is supposed to be done. 

8. Pay In 4 

It is one of the short-term investment services being provided by PayPal. When you’re looking for companies like Sezzle specifically, you will find this a very useful option. You get six weeks to make 4 interest-free instalments for the purchase.

The credit is available anywhere in the range of $30 to $600. So even if you want to purchase something costly, Pay in 4 will be quite a useful option for sure. 

9. Viable 

Viabill is another great company like Sezzle that will make it possible for you to purchase costly items easily through online shopping platforms. You don’t have to make payments every two weeks here. You can instead pay the instalments once every month until the whole amount has been paid.

There are no hidden fees or interest charged here which implies the fact that you can pay the exact price that was supposed to be charged from you. There are many merchants to choose from which makes the whole process even more worth it. 

Final Words

We have discussed quite a few companies like Sezzle here. All these companies can be trusted upon as they will prove to be advantageous to you in more than a couple of ways.

The fact that you wouldn’t be charged much on your instalments makes things even better for you. So now when you are supposed to buy something online, you can always look at Sezzle and its alternatives as useful options! 

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