Carro Secures More Than $20M To Connect Brands

Influencer marketing has been one of the talking points in the world market right now. New brands are always looking to find ways to grow and to get in front of potential customers, they need the impetus which can elevate them to the next level. That’s where a company like Carro walks in which has been used by over 7 million influencers and 30,000 brands since the time of its inception. It first came up in 2015 as the company was co-founded by David Perry and Jason Goldberg. Since the global influencer marketing market has grown in terms of value, Carro has reaped a large number of benefits from it as well. It has grown by over 500% in the last year, a testament to the heights it has reached recently.

Image Source: Carro

Recently, it has secured $20 million of Series B funding to meet its demand in the market. It will help Carro to grow further and help the influencers to get much-needed popularity in the marketplace. A team of 50 employees is going to use this fund for product development and brand extension. The company sees 320 million visitors every single month. Over $10 million has been sold by brands with the help of Carro.

The company wishes to help the small influencers in the marketplace. The owners are happy to help these new merchants grab their full potential with the assistance of Carro. Now it has become easier to connect to brands. Carro started when the global influencer marketing market was too little to be recognised. As the times have gone by, the popularity of global influencer marketing is moving closer towards its zenith. Organisations like Carro must help brands to grow further and build direct relationships with the customers in the marketplace!

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