Can Big Tech Help In Solving The Educational Problem In The US?

While other parts of the world are still trying to reap the benefits of technology to the maximum extent, The US has already gone past that phase. America has started to understand the negative impact of technology on the people of society. The results to occur under any given technology is considered to be slick marketing rather than accurate. Although the results are not going to be accurate, technology is still being used heavily in every field. It doesn’t matter if it’s the healthcare sector or educational sector, technology is playing its part in every field in the US. 

To be honest, technology has to play a major role in the education system. The demand for skilled workers with an apt amount of technological knowledge is everything that a company needs at this point. This is the reason why tech education has been considered so very vital. K-12 students need to know how to code in this day and age. While we can understand why technology is stressed so much, there are other things to be taken into account as well.

Image Source: Orfonline

It is a surety that technology is going to have the same importance in the times to come as well. But it should support the existing work that’s underway rather than completely diminishing it. People can reach amazing heights in terms of technology but they have to stay grounded and in touch with reality. 

While it has become important to use technology as a weapon in the current era, it shouldn’t become a double-edged sword. As long as it helps students to grow further in life, it is going to work out well. So technology should be used in such a manner that people recognise the value of their culture as well. As long as the past can co-exist with the future, the educational system is going to thrive effectively!

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