Best LGA 1151 CPUs in 2022

In this post, we will talk about the best LGA 1151 CPUs. Irrespective of the games you play, you would always desire a smooth graphic-user interface. CPU has the most crucial role to play in it.

If you’re using an outdated processor, it doesn’t matter what your ROM or RAM is, the performance of your device is going to be disappointing when you use heavy-duty applications.

Before you buy a PC or laptop, you need to have a little bit of information regarding CPUs. If you manage to buy a CPU that’s exactly as per your needs, running heavy-duty applications will be comfortable.

The Best LGA 1151 CPUs

The first thing to know about CPUs is that there are two types of sockets available on them. They are LGA sockets and PGA sockets. LGA sockets are widely used for the reason that they are less likely to be damaged by mishandling and drops since there are no fragile pins here.

LGA 1151, also known as Socket H4, is being widely used at the moment. When we talk about playing games or doing content-creation work, LGA 1151 will always be more suitable.

We will discuss some of the best LGA 1151 CPUs here. Apart from offering a great performance in gaming, the processors belonging to this CPU socket can run all kinds of heavy-duty applications comfortably. Here we go: 

1. Intel I9 9900K/KS

Intel I9 9900K/KS is up there with AMD Ryzen 7 5800X in terms of performance. It will be in the recommendations list all the time when you search for the best CPUs for gaming, making it a quality option for the best LGA 1151 CPUs in 2022.

The I7 9700K falls slightly behind in single-core performance which games heavily rely on today. This is the reason why Intel has come with Intel I9 9900K for gamers. Here are its pros and cons: 


  • It is the best gaming CPU and is on the recommendation list of all experts.
  • Has got a phenomenal single-core performance too. 
  • Comes with integrated graphics, making the gaming experience even better 
  • It has a great overclockability too. Even when you’re playing your favourite games for hours and hours, the speed of the computer is going to be impressive. 


It has only one major drawback. It doesn’t come with any stock cooler which can be a bit frustrating for the users. 

2. Intel Core i5-12600K

Do you have budget constraints? Even if you have a limited pocket available, it doesn’t mean that you can’t get to buy an impressive CPU for gaming in 2022. Intel Core i5-12600K comes to you at a very economical price. One of the best parts about using Intel Core i5-12600K is that it has a high overclock ceiling.

So the processing speed of your computer is going to be solid for hours and hours. On top of that, the CPU performance punches above its station in bench testing. Its affordability adds to the reasons why you can have this CPU. 

Since it comes at a limited price, it will have its drawbacks. When you look at some of the other options in the best CPUs for gaming in 2022, you will find testing games with integrated graphics bumpy. Moreover, it is not compatible with some games that use Denuvo DRM protection. 

3. Intel I7 9700K/KF 

It is another solid gaming alternative and has to find the list of the best LGA 1151 CPUs in 2022. While Intel I9 9900K is the best Intel-based processor on the LGA 1151 socket, Intel I7 9700K is not far behind either. You can prefer having it if you find the latest edition of CPU costly. The I7 9700K has great single-core performance. So if any application needs to use one core heavily, it will benefit a lot from this processor and run smoothly on your device. 


  • It has a great single-core processor. So if you love playing a heavy-duty game on your PC all the time, this CPU is going to be your best choice. 
  • It has almost similar performance as Intel I9 9900K but for a lesser price. 
  • The thermals are quite decent here. 
  • The overclockability is pretty impressive as well. Since it is a single-core processor, it allows the computer to notch up its speed even if you’re using it for many hours consecutively. 


  • This one doesn’t come with a stock cooler either. So when the CPU heats up, it takes a lot of time to cool down. 
  • It doesn’t have hyperthreading either. So one core won’t be able to perform multiple tasks here. 

4. Intel i5 9600K/KF

We talked about Intel I5 12600K in the list and discussed how it is a budget-friendly solution. But what if we told you that Intel I5 9600K/KF is an even better CPU? If price matters more than anything else to you, there is no better option than Intel I5 9600K/KF.

When you’re building your system for gaming purposes from the scratch, you will have to spend on several other aspects to get the job done. But if you have limited access to money, you will look for economical options. This is a decent mid-tier processor for your build. 


  • The biggest advantage is that it is decently priced. You can compare it with other LGA 1151 CPUs and there’s a vast difference in pricing. 
  • Like most of the CPUs produced by Intel, it has an impressive single-core performance too. So gamers can root for it without giving it a second thought. 
  • It also has a solid integrated graphics module. Your gaming experience is only going to get better with its help. 

This processor also has only one disadvantage: it doesn’t have any stock cooler. When you play the game for a long period, it is bound to heat your CPU after a point. In the absence of a stock cooler, it will take plenty of time to calm down. 

5. Intel i5 9400F 

This one is another budget-friendly option to feature on the list. Experts hail it as the best beginner processor. It is also safe to say that it is one of the best CPUs for gaming in 2022. Much like the other offerings from Intel, this one is derived from an impressive single-core performance too.

Since most people cannot afford the latest and most advanced CPUs, this one is affordable yet pretty impressive in its way. It is a 6-core 6-thread processor that is perfect if you’re specifically using it for gaming. As far as the features are concerned, it doesn’t come with integrated graphics. It means that you will have to buy a graphics card system externally. 


  • Even if you have a limited budget, you will manage to buy an Intel I5 9400F comfortably. 
  • When you compare it with Ryzen 5 2600 which comes at the same price, it features better single-core performance. 
  • It is lightweight too and is great for those who are relatively new as PC builders. 


  • It doesn’t have a stock cooler so that’s a major concern. 
  • It comes with a locked multiplier. If the multiplier is unlocked, the CPU can be overclocked easily by adjusting the multiplier. But a locked CPU cannot be overclocked this way.

6. Intel i3 9100F 

Last but not the least, we have featured Intel I3 9100F on the list. It’s the cheapest option from the lot, thus making it the best CPU for gaming in 2022. The cost is not even $100 so you can afford it very comfortably. When you’ve just started as a PC builder, such options are a blessing. It comes to you with 4 cores and 4 threads clocked in at a 3.6 GHz base and 4.2 GHz boost.

If you’re not playing heavy-duty games all the time, it’s pretty responsive in processing traditional computing tasks like browsing the web. You can play your games occasionally and the processor is going to work just about fine. When you have just started off as a PC builder, this is going to be your safest bet as one of the best LGA 1151 CPUs. 


  • The best part is that it is extremely affordable as it is priced at less than $100. 
  • It has a pretty solid single-core performance given the price. 
  • It comes with a stock cooler, something that’s quite rare in the most expensive CPUs in the market too. 
  • Tailor-made for first builds. 


  • You shouldn’t be expecting integrated graphics here. Do you want to run heavy-duty games smoothly? Buy a graphics card system separately. 
  • It consists of a quad-core chip, something that is considered outdated by technological geeks in 2022. 

Tips To Choose CPU For Gaming Purposes 

The demand for CPUs is going to be different for gaming purposes. When you do the normal office work on your PC, you won’t mind a CPU with normal specifications. But when your major goal is to use a PC to play games, you will need a CPU that caters to gaming needs specifically. We have talked about those options already as LGA 1151 CPUs are the most suitable in order to play games. But in what regard should the choice be made? Here are a few things to be taken into account: 

Be Sure About Your Need 

What kind of performance do you want to derive from the CPU? Are you looking for portability, or do you prefer a desktop experience? You should be clear about how you would like to use the system. If you want to use it to use a single heavy-duty application throughout the day, you should be considering the single-core performance of the CPU the most. But if you want to perform multiple tasks such as gaming, video editing, live streaming etc, there will be a different option that will be more suitable. 

Learning How CPU Works 

If you don’t know CPU and its use affect the system, you will pick an option blindly. It can be confusing to understand how a CPU works but you have to make that effort. Knowing how clock speed and core count impact the gaming experience will help you to purchase a CPU that allows you to do everything you want from it.

Once you understand the correlation between the clock speed, the core count and the system, you will know exactly which option will suit your needs the best. If it’s confusing, you should take help from someone who understands the workings of CPUs perfectly, maybe a technological expertise that you can contact easily. 

Take Additional Features Into Account 

When you want to use your PC for gaming purposes, the CPU should be providing maximum features to you. Apart from the normal features provided by the CPU, you have to see if it comes with integrated graphics or not. It’s better to have integrated graphics or you will be required to buy them separately.

If you want to get a processing system for your laptop, there are certain laptop-specific features to be taken into account. You will also have to consider overclocking as it will generate better speed on the PC while performing high-end tasks. This is how you buy the best possible option as a gamer. 

Final Words on the Best LGA 1151 CPUs

As you can see, there are several contenders for the best LGA 1151 CPUs in 2022. Some of them come with the most advanced features while some others are available at economical prices. Based on the factors that we have mentioned above, you can decide which CPU you need.

We are pretty sure that one of the options provided by us will suit your wants. If you’re just starting to build your PC, you should take fewer risks and choose the cheapest one of the lot. But if you know how things work, all you should look for is the best possible option with the most advanced features! 

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