Which Is The Best iPad For Reading Books?

Are you one of those people who love to read books? This is possibly the reason why you have come here in the first place. Reading books is so much fun as it allows you to immerse yourself in a whole different world. As the times have passed by, the ways to read books have changed and broadened.

When you have an iPad with you, there’s a chance to read numerous books as and when you desire to do so. Without beating around the bush too much, let’s get straight to the point. Which is going to be the best iPad for reading books?

If you’re going to search for it online, you will be getting a thousand choices. But would you like to buy all of them? You would rather desire to get the best out of the lot. But how can you define the best iPad for reading books and get a clear answer?

The deeper you’re going to search, the more confusing it will get. We have categorized the best iPad for reading books on several accounts and we are going to discuss each one of them one by one: 

Best Budget iPad for reading books

The majority of people are going to look for the best iPad for reading books on a limited budget. If you have a lot of money available in hand, you shouldn’t try to consider too many things as you can make the costliest and the most popular choice of the lot.

But if you want to get the best iPad on a limited budget, you might have to gather much more information. We would advise you to buy an iPad (2020) which will be one of the best choices on a limited budget. Let’s have a look at its major features: 

  1. There is a 10.2-inch display along with up to 128 GB of storage. 
  2. It features Touch ID, Apple Pencil and the Smart Keyboard.
  3. It features an ageing A12 Bionic chip with Neural Engine 

To sum it all up, this is your best iPad on a limited budget. Its amazing display is going to be enough to provide you with a fantastic reading experience. 

A Smaller iPad 

When people are searching for the best iPad for reading books, they would all have contrasting choices. Some people like the display to be huge but some others want to get a smaller iPad. When people have to travel a lot, they need to gather all of their Important stuff in the bag.

Since the space is limited and very tight, people would tend to go for smaller alternatives. In case you’re the one who is looking for an iPad that is small in size, the iPad Mini (2019) will be quite an impeccable and interesting choice to make. Here are some of the resounding features of this device: 

  1. There is a storage of up to 256 GB. So apart from buying all your favourite books and reading them, you can enjoy a lot of other things here. 
  2. It is compatible with Bluetooth keyboards.
  3. It has got a 7.9-inch Retina display which makes it the best choice for people who need a smaller iPad. 

This is the iPad that will be easier to carry around and it is quite inexpensive as well. With a storage of 256 GB, you can add a lot more things to your device. 

Best Premium iPad For Reading Books

If you have got a lot of money, why would you settle for anything less than the most advanced iPad out there? You want to make sure that you get the best iPad for reading books and you wouldn’t like to limit yourself by any means.

This is the point when you look for the best premium iPad which is an 11-inch iPad Pro (2020). Since we are talking about the most advanced features here, this one surely has to sit on the top of the pile. Shall we get into its quality features? The list is right here: 

  1. The iPad Pro (2020) is available in two different sizes, 11-inch and 12.9-inch respectively. 
  2. It has an A12Z Bionic chip with Neural Engine and support for the second-generation Apple Pencil. These are some of the most advanced bunch of features you can expect from an iPad.
  3. This consists of an advanced fingerprint-resistant oleophobic coating along with an anti-reflective coating.

It has got a fantastic battery life which makes it suitable when you have to travel long distances and need to read something continuously without an interruption. With some advanced bunch of features, the graphic interface is going to be of top-notch quality. 

Best Overall iPad 

Now that we have looked at different parameters to judge an iPad, how about we combine all these features into one and see which is the best iPad for reading books? Since we have to talk about the absolute best here, we shall go with iPad Air (2020). It is the fourth-generation iPad Air and has got a great bunch of features to appeal to you. These features are as follows: 

4th Generation iPad
  1. Available in different shades such as silver, space grey, rose red with 64 as well as 256 GB of storage. 
  2. Comes with an A14 Bionic chip that has a 64‑bit architecture and a Neural Engine. 
  3. An impressive display of 10.9 inches which is LED-backlit and Multi-Touch. 
  4. First Apple tablet to have a fingerprint identity sensor and Touch ID that is built on the top button.
  5. 10 hours of battery life when you use the web on Wifi and 9 hours of battery life when you use a cellular data network. 

As far as the best iPad for reading books is concerned, this is going to be your best overall option. With the fact that it has got the latest internals coupled with pretty accurate battery life, you can read all your favourite books in one go whenever you feel like doing so! 

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