Best Bluestacks Alternatives in 2021 [Fast and Free]

In this post, we will discuss the best Bluestacks Alternatives. Bluestacks is undoubtedly one of the best and most popular android emulators. Although the app is immensely established, it still has some flaws. A lot of people like to use the apps on desktop devices for various purposes.

Since Bluestacks has limited features and takes up a lot of memory, more people are finding alternatives to this app. With the improvement in technology, apps with a robust set of features are now available. If you are have had enough of the issues of Bluestacks and you want incredible elements in an app then this article is just for you.

There are plenty of apps like Bluestacks that offer amazing functionality, fast speed and also take less memory. Since there are endless options to choose from, we have shortlisted the best android emulators. Keep reading to know all about these remarkable apps.

Best Bluestacks Alternatives To Use

Bluestacks has a huge fan following but people are getting over this app because of its very basic features. If you too are looking for Android emulators with an advanced set of features as well as easy availability then here are some options that you must try out.

1. Andy

The best alternative to Bluestacks has to be Andy android emulator. If you are done with limited storage and screen size then this app is great for you. Get a seamless experience with this app as it is extremely easy to use. Andy is gaining enormous popularity because of its advanced features.

Because of the support of several developers, you can use apps like Whatsapp while playing games. Not only this but this android emulator allows the users to employ their mobile as a controller for all apps while they enjoy their gaming sessions on desktop.

In simple words, the app can minimize the difference between desktops and smartphones. Use Andy to run android apps on Windows or Mac PC. One of the best things about this app is that it is light in weight, unlike Bluestacks. Initially, the app was designed for gaming but is now used   by users for various purposes.

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2. Genymotion

Genymotion is the next powerful Bluestacks alternative that enables you to run your favourite android apps on the desktop. What we love the most about this app is that it is free for everyone. Have access to a strong set of features with Genymotion.

This Android emulator provides the opportunity to all developers of testing their beta apps effortlessly. OpenGL, as well as hardware acceleration, are some of the advanced features offered by the app. Moreover, users can opt for different versions of the app to check their compatibility.

Genymotion offers the users to set RAM and internal storage for devices. Alongside, 2 GB RAM and a hard disk of at least 8GB is required for the app. It is compatible with Windows and Mac OS so you can get it easily on your PC. This user-friendly app is incredible for all purposes.

3. Android x-86

The next on our list is Android x-86 which is another way of using android apps on your PC. If you are looking for a reliable app that is lightweight as well as easy to use then this choice is going to be perfect for you. Several people have shifted from Bluestacks to Android x-86 because of its terrific features.

All you have to do is download the latest version of this app and start using it. Furthermore, it offers the users to test the OS using a LiveCD. You can create a virtual android machine on a Windows PC with the help of this all that too for free.

Android x-86 provides the users with a lot of complimentary features that add to the integrity of the app. With this android simulator, you get everything that Bluestack offers along with the remarkably advanced features that this app incorporates.

4. Nox

Nox is a tremendous android emulator and one of the best Bluestacks alternatives. It is gaining a massive fanbase for all the right reasons. If you are a hardcore gamer who is looking for some really cool features then this is definitely the right place for you. From availability, easy usability to a fabulous user interface, Nox provides everything to the users.

Since the app arrives with Google play already installed, you can easily download any APK file that you want. Moreover, users can record the screen and share or play it whenever they wish to. Plus, the app contains quite advanced features that may seem confusing to users who are beginners to such apps.

You will certainly get a hang of it once you start using the app often. Remember that you can switch between OpenGL and DirectX if you face any compatibility issues. Functions like location and adjusting volume make the app more appealing.

5. KoPlayer

Moving on to the next best Bluestacks alternative, KoPlayer is rapidly getting the hype. Although this app is new as compared to the others, it still has made a remarkable place in the android emulator unit. KoPlayer is specifically designed for gaming purposes.

Have a seamless experience while playing your favourite games on PC. The best thing about this app is that it allows you to run millions of android apps for free. Plus, it offers you to use the key mapping feature to simulate a controller with your keyboard.

Gamers can record the screen and play it or share it later whenever they want. Installing this app on your PC or laptop is extremely easy and can be done within minutes. Also, you can use a keyboard, mouse as well a gamepad for playing your all-time favourite games on your desktop.

6. YouWave

YouWave is another among the list of the best Bluestacks Alternatives. This free app is incredible for both PC as well as laptops. It would be safe to say now that YouWave has several more features than Bluestacks.

From being light in weight to having a nice interface, this android emulator checks all boxes. However, the app is only available got Windows users as of now. Since it supports the latest versions of Android, you can use it handily on your desktop.

If you are a true gamer then you would be happy to know that this app supports multiplayer options in online games. Not only this but YouWave has an app store as well so you can get as many applications as you want. Apart from that, the app keeps adding new features to it so constant improvement is guaranteed.

7. MEmu

MEmu is one of the fastest Android emulators that is quite well known. This app supports every game that is released on Android. For all the game geeks out there, this app is a must-have for you as it has everything from arcades to casino games. Since the interface is simple and easy to use, it emulates the smartphone screen and users can navigate it effortlessly.

From the resolution, quality to the position of the screen, everything can be customized. Installing the app is fairly simple because it supports all the latest versions of Android. If you are using the app for fun then you can opt for the free version. Go for the premium version if you want access to a robust set of features for business purposes.

Control and manage the apps easily with mouse and keyboard controls. Moreover, the app has its very own game center so download your favorite games without any hassles. If your system meets the requirements of the app then you can enjoy high-quality games.

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8. Android Studio

Last but not least, Android Studio is a terrific application that offers a plethora of features. If you are switching from Bluestacks then this app is great for you. This emulator helps the developer in testing apps that are designed for Android-based smartphones.

Be it testing, writing or creating apps, the app does it all easily. Android Studio offers a wide range of tools that can be used for performance verification. Ready-made code templates are another exciting feature of this app. Undoubtedly, this app is the easiest to use and has a stunning user interface.

One of the most important things is that the app is free and genuine. Although the app is easy to use, it still has advanced features that are no less than other apps. You can use the emulator whenever you wish to try out the product that is a work in progress. Also, you can make modifications to APK and synchronize your projects in cloud storage. This app is gaining immense popularity because of such remarkable elements

Final Words

These were some of the best Bluestacks alternatives. Do try out these android emulators to see which one suits you the best. Be it gaming, educational or business purposes, these emulators are suitable for everything. Get all the android apps on your PC and your laptop. Access amazing features with which you can gain an extraordinary experience.

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