5 Best Adobe Flash Player Alternatives (2021)

In this post, we will discuss the best Adobe Flash Player alternative in 2021. Adobe Flash Player has been the dominant engine for running flash applications since its inception in 1996. Websites do not need to rely on just text and still image content thanks to it. The software can run scripts of animated menus to interactive games that are embedded within a webpage. 

Over the years, tech giants like Apple and Google have been quite vocal against Adobe’s flash player. The animosity towards the software was due to these 4 reasons – Bad security, poor performance, touch incompatibility, and power draining.

5 Best Adobe Flash Player Alternatives In 2021


Since Adobe Flash Player was a third-party app it became an easy target for hackers. Performance issues came from extreme lagging. As it was originally designed as a desktop application, it was never integrated with touch support. Furthermore, flash content on cell phones began to drain a lot of battery as it was a resource-hungry software. 

Best Adobe Flash Player Replacements In 2021

In December 2021, the Adobe Flash player finally reached its boiling point as we saw the discontinuation of the software. This has predictably resulted in people searching for an Adobe flash player replacement. If you are also looking for one, you’d be happy to know that there are plenty. These Adobe Flash Player alternatives are much better when it comes to security. They are also less battery exhaustive as well as load websites faster.

1. HTML5

HTML5 is arguably the most well-known flash player alternatives on the internet. There has been quite a significant amount of rivalry between the two. It was quite tough to choose one back in the day. However, it is safe to say that the HTML-based flash player came out on top.

Even though HTML5 was not as good in the beginning, it gradually became popular as an alternative for Adobe flash players. The answer to superiority and perseverance soon became quite evident with the demise of the Adobe flash player in late 2020. This made HTML5 the top alternative to flash player. 

html5 flash player alternatives


HTML stands for Hypertext markup language and is presently in its 5th version. HTML5 is a markup language that performs similar tasks as Adobe Flash Player. It does so by allowing apps, images, texts, tags, and other similar elements to run on websites and other online platforms.

If you have developer knowledge and understand coding you may already know how to convert adobe flash player content into HTML5. Presently you can easily publish simple Flash content to HTML5 canvas using Adobe Animate CC. Adobe Flash player-dependent plug-ins are fast becoming obsolete and being replaced by HTML codes.

If you are someone who is looking to replace flash content with HTML5 may need to conduct some research to figure out if your system can publish in HTML5. Once you have done so you can test it on games, animations, and applications to figure out if the performance is smooth. 

It might be the case that your system does not support converting Flash content to HTML5. If so, you may need to find a different application for this purpose, so keep on reading.

2. BlueMaxima Flashpoint Secure Player

Adobe Flash Player content started to become extinct since the beginning of 2018 as people started to move away from the software. This is when a non-profit software known as BlueMaxima Flashpoint was developed to continue the legacy of Adobe’s software. This software was a minor project developed mainly to support content that could only be run by Flash player at that time. Since then, it has become a worldwide phenomenon becoming one of the best Flash Player alternatives.

BlueMaxima Flashpoint Secure Player flash player replacement


This flash player replacement has 3 different versions Flashpoint Secure Player, Flashpoint Ultimate, and Flashpoint Infinity. Flashpoint Ultimate is a ready-to-run, offline version of the same software with every feature pre-downloaded. With the Ultimate and Infinity versions, the software content is downloaded while the user is running the flash content.

The only advantage Adobe Player had over these was that it never needed any downloadable content to function. Even so, BluepointMaxima is still the closest alternative for a flash player currently on the internet. However, as Flashpoint is yet in its development phase, it might be a while before it can successfully run all flash player content in it.

3. Lightspark

When it comes to being the most promising open-source alternative to Adobe flash player, Lightspark is it. It is an LGPlv3 licensed Flash Player and browser plugin that runs using C++ and C. As for the operating system, it runs on both Linux and Windows OS. Though Lightspark is still in its alpha phase, it supports about 78% of the newer flash player content.

The primary reason for Lightspark’s success was that an open-source application as a flash player replacement was long-awaited. It has been an alternative to flash player even before Adobe rescinded support from the flash player. This is because, unlike Lightspark, Adobe’s flash player had no plugin support for small browsers like Firefox, Opera, etc.



Github would be your best source if you are looking for Lightspark codes as the program does not get updated as often. This is the reason that you may sometimes fail to run some of the flash content. Nonetheless, it is without a doubt one of the best flash player alternatives as it can work as a web browser plug-in. Alternatively, you can also use it as a standalone application for running files in SWF format. 

4. Ruffle – Flash Player Emulator

Ruffle is an emulator that was created by third-party developers. It is written using the programming language Rust, which is known for its security and safety features. Being open-source, this project can run natively across all operating modern operating systems (including iOS and Android) as a standalone software application. Additionally, it can also run on every browser using WebAssembly. Overall, it is one of the better alternatives to flash player.



The developer team is quite enthusiastic about welcoming new contributors, as they are dedicated to preserving Flash player content and legacy. They also confidently assert that Ruffle circumnavigates all the possible security failures of Flash by leveraging the security of the modern browsing platform’s sandbox along with the memory safety ensured by Rust.

Ruffle is user-friendly and easy to install, needing no extra configuration. Hence users can easily install the web version of Ruffle to run older Flash Player content.  All the Flash content on websites is detected with ease by Ruflle and it is automatically poly-filled within the Ruffle player. This ensures that websites run smoothly while transparently upgrading Flash-reliant content. 

To use Ruffle, you need to go to Ruffle’s website and download its latest version. If you want to use the website plugin you can download that for Firefox as well. You need to access some developer options to emulate it into Chrome, Safari, and Edge. You can find the instructions for that on Ruffle’s website too. 

If you’d like to have a flash player for your computer (flash without a browser). Ruffle developers have also made available native applications for that. They utilize your GPU as well as your system resources to the fullest extent so that you can enjoy the extra frame rates while playing certain games. 

5. Android Flash Web browsers

Android removed support for Adobe flash player since the launch of Android 11. However, browsers with integrated code to run flash content had existed since even before that. These are quite convenient because you do not need to install a separate plugin or app to run flash content.


A great example is Kiwi Browser, which is one of the top-rated android web browsers. It’s Chromium and WebKit supporting seamless flash content. Flashfox is another option, and its name has a dual meaning. It is a flash-based browser and is also known to be blazingly fast. In fact, it is one of the fastest android web browsers. 


Since Adobe removed support from the flash player, it has been difficult to run Flash content on the internet as well as on personal computers. We hope these apps would serve you well as a replacement for Adobe Flash Player. Not only that, we have made sure to list down apps that have no security flaws and bugs that Adobe Flash player had. We have tried our best to include different kinds of applications that presently support Flash content so that you can easily find an alternative to Adobe Flash player suitable for any platform you are using. 

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