10 Audiobook Bay Alternatives|Websites To Download Free Audiobooks

One of the biggest changes to have happened to literature in recent times can be credited to the rise of virtual books. Aside from physical copies, a person can read or even listen to their favorite books from their mobile or computer devices today.

Audiobook Bay Alternatives 2021

Audiobooks are more immersive than e-books and many prefer well-told audiobooks over reading them off of a screen. There are many sources that allow people to listen to books. Audiobook Bay is one of the most popular such platforms.

However, the issue with Audiobook Bay is that it keeps getting shut down. Their main website is inactive at present. They do have some working mirror websites but there is no guarantee how long they can stay up. Just so that you don’t miss out on free and cheap audiobooks, here are the 10 best alternatives to Audiobook Bay.

10 Audiobook Bay Alternatives – Free Sites To Download Audiobooks

1. Digital Book (https://www.digitalbook.io) 

Digital Book has one of the biggest collections of free audiobooks on the whole internet. It offers more than 100k books of all kinds for absolutely free. This includes all of the major genres like romance, horror, mystery, history, children’s books, and so much more. There are separate sections of these genres on the website’s homepage itself. Other than genres, you can also browse Trending and Top-Rated books from there.

You also get the option to browse books according to languages which include English, German, Italian, German, French, etc. to name a few. One can use the search bar to look for the exact title or author as well. The audiobooks can all be streamed or directly downloaded. By logging in through Facebook or Google, you can also save a list of the books you want to read later.

2. Mind Webs (https://archive.org/details/MindWebs_201410)

Mind Webs is a bit tricky and completely different from anything else present on this list. Mind Webs used to be a radio series that aired on WHA radio between 1970 and 1984. More than 150 stories aired between this period and this website is an archive of that series.

There are many classic stories available here for free. A lot of the books here belong to the sci-fi or fantasy genre and their fans will love the dramatic narrations and music effects. Most of the narration is done by Michael Hanson, the host of the radio series. The website is an official archive and downloading these books is completely legal.  Mind Webs is an excellent project and you can donate to the website to help it keep running.

3. Audible (https://www.audible.in/)

Audible is one of the biggest platforms for all kinds of vocal content on the internet. Audible was founded in 1995 when it used to be just a media player. In 2003, they settled a contract with Apple Inc. as the exclusive provider of audiobooks for their iTunes service. However, that came to end in 2017.

Audible by Amazon best books

Since 2008, Audible has been a property of Amazon. They have probably the largest collection of audiobooks, all of which are official. Authors are paid based on how much their books are consumed and it works like any other royalty-based streaming website. One drawback here is the lack of free audiobooks. You can read only 3 audiobooks per month for free. For unlocking the rest, you need to upgrade to a paid plan.

4. Loyal Books (http://www.loyalbooks.com/)

Loyal Books is a giant domain of audiobooks available for free for the public. These books are not under copyrights. Hence, they are safe for distribution and consumption. They believe in the idea that books should be free. Under this very ideology, they provide a huge variety of audiobooks free of charge.

Their website has a pretty straightforward design and you can find everything on the homepage. You can browse books per their genres i.e. adventure, horror, fantasy, sci-fi, kids, etc. There is a separate tab for the top-rated 100 audiobooks as well. There is a search bar where you can look up any title or author name. They also have a section of paid audiobooks where you can find another large collection of quality content.

5. Libby by OverDrive (https://libbyapp.com/)

OverDrive is a provider of free audiobooks and Libby is their official app that makes everything better. It works like any real-life library that lets you borrow books for a limited amount of time for free. There are thousands of e-books and audiobooks available to be read for free here. But the app offers much more than just that.

It comes bundled with a built-in reader and audiobook player of its own. You don’t have to download any extra applications for listening to your favorite stories. The books can be either streamed or downloaded for offline purposes. The app can be synced across devices to allow access to any book at any time. The application has an impressive rating of 4.4 stars on the Google Play Store.

6. Storynory (https://www.storynory.com/)

Storynory is the perfect destination for kid’s stories and absolute classics. You can find amazing narrations of stories like The Wizard Of Oz, Sherlock Holmes, Pinocchio, The Jungle Book, and many more great titles. Other than these classics, you can also find some originals and many short stories made for children.

The website’s design perfectly matches its theme. It is colorful and cheerful like many of the stories you will find on here. Other than books, you can also find poems and music for children here. All the different types of content can be directly accessed from a simple tab. The content available here can either be streamed online or downloaded onto your local storage. They don’t ask you a single penny for any of it.

7. Scribl (https://www.scribl.com/)

Scribl is home to a great range of audiobooks available for either free or considerably cheap. Half of them are available for free and most cost even less than a dollar. The reason behind this is their CrowdPrice pricing system. The books on here are priced on the basis of their popularity.

Scribbl free audio books 2021

As a result, all of the obscure titles can be bought dirt cheaply. The popular ones aren’t really pricey either. This makes Scribl perfect for users who want a legal source but don’t want to spend too much on it. To help you find your favorite audiobook, Scribl provides a search bar with expansive filtering options. You can filter on the basis of book-length, themes, genres, ratings, character traits, and much more. They also have an app that is free to download from the store.

8. Open Culture (https://www.openculture.com/)

Open Culture is more than just a free audiobook provider. It is a huge resource of all kinds of literature that includes movies, music, online lessons & courses, and e-books among others. It is the perfect stop for any learner but the spotlight here is on audiobooks.

It is somewhat limited as there are only one thousand audiobooks available to be downloaded for free. However, it includes a lot of amazing works like The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button, The Three Musketeers, Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland, Sherlock Holmes series, etc to name a few. Most of the audiobooks have the option to be streamed or downloaded. There are a few exceptions that can only be either streamed or downloaded. 

9. Librivox (https://librivox.org/)

Librivox is a huge portal of audiobooks available in the public domain. A lot of these are narrated by volunteers and are not copyrighted. As a result, every single work available here is completely free. At present, there are more than 15 thousand audiobooks cataloged on Librivox. They are spread over many genres and 44 different languages in total.

You can browse for books based on genres or directly search for the title or author name. Librivox is completely based on volunteers and there are little to no fundings. Hence, the website is pretty simple and does not have an attractive design. However, if you can look beyond the aesthetic value, Librivox is an amazing initiative and a great source of free audiobooks.

10. uTorrent

Last but not least, using a torrent service is a plausible solution to your audiobook problems. You can find literally anything on torrent aggregators and it also includes audiobooks.

download audio books torrent

Most of these websites can be used without signing up for anything. They work like regular search engines and the only thing you are required is a torrent downloader. One downside to using torrents is that they are blocked in many countries. That can be solved with the help of a secure VPN. Some of the best torrent websites for downloading audiobooks are; ExtraTorrent, The Pirate Bay, and 1337x.


Audiobook Bay managed to keep a top spot reserved throughout its existence. It has been one of the most popular websites for free audiobooks for all the right reasons. However, like many different websites over the past few years, Audiobook Bay bit the dust. Many of its servers went down forcing readers to look elsewhere. If it fails to stand tall, you can count on any of the 10 websites mentioned here for a good read.

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