11 Apps Like Airbnb That You Should Try

Hotels and lodgings are among the most important parts of any journey. Doesn’t matter where or for how long you are traveling. You will always need a place to rest and spend one or more nights. The modern age of the internet brings everything into the palm of your hands.

You can book a hotel, a flat, a resort, and pretty much anything within minutes from your couch. The number of booking websites and apps only keeps going up. One of the most popular rental apps and websites out there for a while is Airbnb.

apps like airbnb

11 Apps Like Airbnb

Airbnb is a website that hosts different kinds of properties that you can rent temporarily. It acts like a broker between people renting out their estates and the people interested in them. Airbnb hosts a variety of properties ranging from standard flats to vacation houses.

It is one of the best but it doesn’t mean it has to be the only one. For one reason or another, you might want to have an alternative. Here are some apps like Airbnb if it doesn’t cut it for you anymore. You can also list your own property in them if you want to make some extra income. 

1. Booking.com

One of the very first results that pop up when you search for anything related to renting hotels and stays is Booking.com. The official app makes booking and renting easier than ever. In some ways, it is more reliable than Airbnb too.

They have all kinds of properties from all over the world listed on the app. You can feel secure in their spaces as well. A multi-national name like Booking would put extra effort into ensuring the properties they list are reliable and safe. It affects their reputation, after all. 

apps like airbnb

The app itself is pretty easy and smooth to use, with no major negatives. In fact, it has a 4.6-star rating on the Google Play store right now. That’s based on over 3.5 million reviews. You can download it for both Android and iOS. 

2. Agoda

With over 50 million downloads on just the Google Play Store, Agoda is one of the most popular booking websites in the world. The Singapore-based company has a history of nearly 2 decades.

People love them and trust them. There is no surprise they have a rating of 4.7 stars on the Play Store today. That’s based on reviews from over 15 million people. There are nearly 3 million properties available for rent here. The reliability and versatility make Agoda one of the best apps like Airbnb.

3. Expedia

Expedia has a long history, having been around since 2001. That’s 21 years of excellency and trust. It is one of the many branches of Expedia Group and the one you need to check out if you want to rent affordable stays. You can choose from over 1.8 million properties available for rent. Download their official app to make it easier and more convenient.

It is available on both Android and Apple devices. With over 10 million downloads and a favorable rating, it is already one of Android’s most popular travel apps. It has an even better rating on the Apple App Store. 

4. Vrbo

Vrbo is arguably one of the biggest and toughest competitors that Airbnb has in the market today. One of the reasons is the striking similarity between the two. Vrbo is another one of the agencies owned by the Expedia Group.

However, it specializes in hosting property rentals that are similar to Airbnb in nature. You get all the positives of Airbnb here minus some of the negatives. Register a new account and start looking for properties of all kinds and budgets.

5. Tripadvisor Rentals

Based in the USA, Tripadvisor is one of the most reliable companions you can have during your travels. If you are looking for something similar to Airbnb, check out Tripadvisor Rentals. Instead of regular hotels, you can rent cabins, lodgings, and various similar properties. 

Using the official Tripadvisor app is the most convenient way of getting around. Download it and navigate to rental properties to look for the ideal stay you are looking for. You can find it on both the Google Play Store and the iOS App Store. 

6. OYO

Originating in India, OYO has turned into a global sensation when it comes to affordable rentals. It might not be the oldest option available, but it definitely is reliable. At first, you could only rent budget hotels here, and that too in only selected regions. Today it has over 43K properties across 80 different countries.

apps like airbnb

There are millions of rooms and spaces. OYO has an official app for both Apple and Android devices. It has a 4.5-star rating on the Play Store, and you can count on it for a positive experience. 

7. Sonder 

Sonder does not necessarily have the biggest catalog of rooms and apartments to its name. But it makes up for that with excellent services and ease of use. It has been around for 8 years and has earned a reputation within this short period. Sonder has been giving tough competition to Airbnb for quite a while now and offers an equally good alternative. 

You can download the Sonder app on both the iOS and Android operating systems. Both editions have favorable ratings. Users find the app easy to use and convenient for quick bookings. 

8. Outdoorsy

Outdoorsy is not exactly similar to the other apps like Airbnb mentioned so far. Instead of a standard room or apartment, you can book trailers and RVs. It is just perfect for anyone who loves to be on the road. This is something Airbnb can’t do for you. The prices are reasonable, and all vehicles are safe and properly maintained. 

Outdoorsy is not the most popular app but has a niche of fans who love everything about it. You can find the app on Play Store and App Store, so it doesn’t matter what operating system you are using. 

9. Casamundo

Casamundo is the way to go if you want to spend your holidays with a comfy place to sleep. It lets you book holiday rentals across 38 different countries and has a good catalog of excellent properties.

The variety you find here challenges that of Airbnb. From beach houses to condos and cabins, you will find it all here. Download the app to book your first space more quickly than ever. You can do so on both iOS and Android.

10. Hopper

Hopper is a travel agency based in Canada. It is well-known for being an economical option to cover all aspects of tours and travel. They do everything from cheap flights and cars to hotels and homes.

The quantity and quality they offer make Hopper one of the underrated gems people ignore. The prices are affordable and offer cashback, discounts, and vouchers to make it even more budget-friendly. 

11. HomeToGo

Lastly, we have HomeToGo, a vacation rental agency based in Germany. They rent out millions of homes, cabins, condos, and more worldwide. The catalog is big and impressive. It checks out all the requirements you need in apps like Airbnb.

If you are going on a vacation, download the official HomeToGo app for a comfortable and affordable experience. It is available on all mobile devices, Android or iOS.

Why do you need an alternative to Airbnb?

Airbnb is reliable and versatile. But it never hurts not to have more options. Everyone loves themselves some freedom of choice. One of the reasons you might want to consider trying another option is monetary.

You might find cheaper options elsewhere in case you are struggling economically. Some of these alternatives let you find quality rentals that fit your budget better.

It is annoying when you can’t find a room available where you want, and every place is booked. You would love to have other apps at hand to try if they have something for you. Airbnb is extremely popular, so there is always a risk that you might miss out on the stay of your choice. 

Having more options also brings more versatility. The apps mentioned here let you choose from various categories of hotels and rooms. Imagine you want to book a vacation house, and Airbnb only has a couple of budget hotels available. You won’t have to compromise when you have substitutes available. The apps mentioned here will provide plenty of that to choose from. 

Final Verdict

It’s not tough to say that Airbnb has been one of the most popular options for people looking to rent stays for a while. You can find a lot of houses and flats and lodgings here, wherever you are looking for them at. Airbnb does a lot of things right, but it is not devoid of flaws.

It can be expensive, and some of its policies might not sit well with anyone. It is also possible that Airbnb doesn’t have space for rent in the region where you are looking. The need for an alternative rises in such cases. If it is the case with you, the aforementioned apps like Airbnb will help you. 

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